Please let us change teams

I’m writing here with desperation.

Yesterday, I joined a 3.3 Axis team and there were 10 German fighters fighting with… noone, 3 Allied enemies. I never met a single enemy, I was always running into friendly airplanes.

Today so, I joined Allies but the team was full of Allied planes and only few Axis ones, I never met an enemy again, always flying into friendly airplanes. I got so annoyed, I picked the wrong side again.

I cannot play like this, well I mean I can because I’ve been playing like this but LET US CHANGE TEAMS
I don’t care if I’ll keep my score, it can get even reset if you change sides but when I enter the room and see such a situation, I want to go into another nation, join the same room again and start as this new faction I picked, not the old one =,= I want to help the other side and not fly like a retard waiting for some miraclous enemy or doing only AI tasks

I can only peak into Players but it doesn’t show the real in-game situations and usually player numbers are similar, it only turns out in game which side is actively flying.

SO, either let us peak into in-game stats or just let us change teams, it’d improve the gameplay by 10000x because when I see my side has so many people, I want to change sides and start fighting with them, not bully the few players there are in the losing side… and I want to have an enemy that is easy to spot, just right there, everywhhere etc. because there’s so much of them on the map.

if I randomly pick the wrong team, this match becomes unplayable and I can only quit match and wait for a new EC if there aren’t any different ones or come back after 30 min to see if the situation has changed - but usually it doesn’t.

I don’t know, I’ve considered creating another account just to join games and scout the in-game situation before joining on my main but I doubt I can run two clients on a steam-connected PC, where War Thunder is steam connected I mean

The issue with this sort of thing would be people swapping sides to end up on the winning side once they know that the side they’re on won’t win.

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If you want consistent furballs Arcade is better suited for this.

Realistic is meant to have some downtime between engagements to encourage better positioning and strategy. You have the option of engaging ground targets rather than chasing down the last enemy fighters.

Italy moment


It’s SB not Realistic and there’s no game if your Team has 4 Bf-109s, 2 Ki-61 2 Yaks, 2 bombers and an interceptor vs 1 actual fighter who flies god knows where and rarely shows up, 1 guy who cant fly and crashes or gets instantly killed out of airfield and one bomber who later quits because he got killed too much by people hungry for kills

Yeah I’m the one who always does the AI survi/bomber/attacker kills as I like to practice shooting against them but sometime it gets boring and I just want some PvP action

Today I had the same situation but there were no Axis/Soviet side players, they left - even if there were a bunch of fighters still playing, they were mostly hunted on by my team-mates, we captured every zone and I was always flying into like 20 people 20 times only showed Friendly tag, no matter at which altitude I checked, from 300m to 3,500m

I’m considering unconecting my account from Steam to allow for easier re-log or to allow running two clients - to join the game on the scout account first and see if there aren’t like 10 players on one side and only 5 in another one because when you check the EC room in the lobby, it usually shows a similar player count like 11-10 when it turns out to be 10 - 5 people flying as I mentioned, so it could be a good solution to always get the deserved fun.

I see.

Simulator battles I believe are meant to be a simulation. Switching teams would go against this, no?

UPDATE: Hello folks, I kinda found a way to go around this problem.

I can quickly log on the another account and join the EC room in some random 2.3 plane first to see the team composition for myself before deciding about which side to join.

I wrote a thread on reddit about it aswell so I’ll paste my answer here:

I found a pretty quick and efficient way without messing anything up :D

I click on my in-game profile and I press the “Switch User” button near the “Change Nickname” one.

It gets me to the full-screen log-in menu (the game is turned on already without needing to go through the launcher), here I just write e-mail and password for my another account - I already had another 0lvl account for some reason and I even quessed the password + e-mail right on my second try XD
Actually, after the first log-in the e-mail for this smurf is saved and already written in the box so after I press “Switch User” I only need to input the password.

When I want to go back to my main account, I again press “Switch User” but instead of logging through the e-mail and password, this time I click “Steam Login” and it just quickly logs me into my main account with one click.

On the alt, I had 90 golden eagles and 100 for completing the tutorial so 190 in total.
I figured out I need the quickest 2.3 aircraft - I’ll be able to check brackets up to 3.3 which are my main ones I play on.
Well, the last one I play is 2.7 - 3.7 so I could get a 2.7 aircraft but on 3.7 I have cool Japanese fighters so I always play them anyway and Americans got some new 3.7 planes too that I like fighting against them so I’m def joining the Axis there, don’t need to check XD

Aaand the quickest 2.3 on Sim is American P-36C Hawk, I need to play another game to get the yellow research points and I’ll just boost it so I don’t have to grind anything here lol, I’ll just join to see the team composition and quit.

Yeah, that’s concept would work really poorly with how this game is designed.

Also @OlgaGaming_YTube I’m pretty sure your workaround violated the ToS. I’d maybe get rid of that comment.


You’re risking both accounts you have.


I don’t find this “problem” so dramatic. it’s much worse when you have 16 enemies who all seem to be chasing you.
the problem is that we are generally too few Simlers and that it is so difficult to open a new 2 vs 2 battle.

the mode needs more flexibility. but if all players from the losing team jump into the winning team, it doesn’t help the mode.

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UPDATE: So today, there’s a 2.0 - 3.0 bracket and I wanted to hop into the Japanese 3.0 Ki-44-II but I saw Allies had less amount of players on the Maginot Line room, this was only two people less so not something significant but I still went onto my another account to enter the room in a 2.3 P-36.

I’ve entered the room and I concluded that Axis/Soviet team have an advanatage, not that big at first glance so I waited for around 1 minute to check things out, we had some fighters too and I saw pretty decent 3.0 P-39N-0s but I also saw frequent Ground Strikers and in total, the the amount of active Allied fighters seemed to be smaller.

So, I relogged and hopped into the recent sale purchase - XP55 xd
Although at first, I indeed met a friendly fighter and we started capturing the zone, I started to wonder if we really have a disadvantage here but it was quickly overran and in almost all of later fights, I was meeting enemy fighters only so I was happy. I gave them a good scare a bunch of times xd

I didn’t manage to destroy any as I missed a few good chances, I also changed 400m zeroing to 500m after one attempt in which I missed because I shot slightly below one Bf-109 so I concluded that it’ll be better with zeroing being slightly higher.
But also XP-55’s handling is very unique and this was like my second time flying it.

I destroyed one player’s Fw-200 bomber two times though, one time when fighting with a fighter and knowing it kinda flew out of my reach and I won’t be able to win with him, I switched to the bomber as my target, destroyed it in one pass and retreated to the airfield, I think I was followed as the Airfield started flashing that its attacked but I had to drop the tail pretty quick as I didn’t see any AA fire.

After destroying that bomber second time time though I crashed itno the ground by a mistake when trying to lose speed around the airfield to repair my damage so the bomber got the kill xD

We later lost the mission before I could engage in more fights but overall waas a super fun match so I’ll use this technique to check rooms before I join.
If I entered the room on the Axis side, all these fighters flying around 2K alt would be friendly and I’d propably be bored instead of epic battles… but I still look forward to fly my favourite aircraft - Ki-44-II in this bracket xd

The only small problem was that XP-55 looks very outstanding and when people expect their own team’s fighters to be here capturing the zone for example, when they see my stilhouette they immadietely know its not their own team XD But I was still able to sneak upon a bunch of players and at 3.0, it is a pretty quick aircraft, fast enough to escape my pursuers and I wasn’t destroyed by any fighter.

Two accounts are violation of EULA, you are asking yourself to get both of them banned admitting it here like that.

but I don’t see any “criminal motivation” in OlgaGaming_YTube. just a bit impatient and over-motivated.
my friends also had a second account back then. it was necessary to be able to fly together as a team at all due to the inflexibility of this game. so ban us all at the same time. russian torture chambers are so comfortable.

This made me chuckle a bit…

that’s why I made " about it

I’d like it if you could switch teams but only to the side that is losing. I’d happily join the massively outnumbered side if it actually makes the gameplay a bit more fun, even if I do only end up as an RP pinata.

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