Please gajin 10.0 line up for germany

hello, im 20 years old man, and i really want to play with my friend on 10.0 but we can’t becouse either one has to suffer becouse of the not good or big line up of 10.0 vehicles for gemrany please in new updates try to add new vehicles to 10.0 or move something somewhere thank you gajin

Maybe try to make some propper suggestion, bratříčku.

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20 year olds are boy lmao wth im 21

How does this have any relevance to anything?


Yeah, seemed like a weird flex, right? I’m going out on a limb and assuming something was lost in translation.

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maybe he meant it as
“I’m twenty years old, man! have some pity!”

Seems like an unusual way to start a conversation, but how is that considered a flex? yall in your 40s?

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Used to be.

It’s funny how nobody is talking about the 10.0 lineup

10.0 options could be
-Leopard 2 A1
-boxer with the puma turret without spikes
-marder 2 prototype