Please for the love of god separate the cold war vehicles from the ww2 vehicles

I just got out of a ground rb match where it was a partial uptier from 6.7 to 7.3 as the usa vs germany, ussr, and sweden. The enemies were using cold war era vehicles with more than enough penetration to kill me from any range, anywhere, and its really difficult to have fun when your vehicles are slower than, weaker, and overall just worse than your enemies’. I believe this could all be fixed if you just separated the cold war vehicles from being able to fight the ww2 ones. I was also fighting jets able to go 400mph when the highest speed plane i had could only go roughly 300mph without being in a dive or in a straight line for ages. My plane was also almost entirely stock with the only performance modifications researched being the radiator and compressor. So, please, Gaijin I’m practically begging you to make it to where ww2 vehicles cannot fight cold war vehicles.


Agree 100%

Time for War Thunder WW2 as a spin off game or just spilt the game into two divisions.Isreal starts at 6.0.Granted it’s a mess but shows what WT can do if they can be bothered.

Some players want WW2 some want easy access to more modern vehicles and less grind through an era of which they have little interest.The Cold war era tanks would provide a enough time to grind better crews for modern vehicles.Gajin simply decide the crossover point and go for it,none of this “Define WW2 tanks” rubbish.

Two big camps one solution.

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Yeah, that an’t gonna happen.
They just need to expand (decompress!) the BRs that will give room and separation for different eras of vehicles. Make it where players can pick the BR spread of what they want to play, to choose only their era BR (and long queue times) to wider to get faster games.

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Ok, then the M56 Scorpion tank, Pansarbandvagn(PBV)-301 shouldn’t be fighting WW2 tanks either. Oh, wait.
PBV-301 was built in 1961->1971 yet is built on a Stridsvagn m/41 hull, using a 20mm bofor from the scrapped 1943 era SAAB-21.

The M56 Scorpion was a 1953-era air dropable Tank destroyer, which provided little to no protection. Several more vehicles used WW2-era technology but were built in the '50s, '60s, and early '70s.

So unless you can find a BR bracket where these vehicles make sense your logic is flawed by a lot. You didn’t give an alternative suggestion either making your post nothing more than a big rant. But I digress.


Anything can happen in WT if they want it to and it has.

I am finding waiting times go up later at night in the UK now than ever before and wonder if the game really is dying.Time to revitalise WT after 11 years and get those lost players back or watch the game die.

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Same old babble I have been hearing for years and means nothing if Gajin want to actually implement era separation in a new and improved version of the game.

So you give it scouting and a squad of meat armor in the back like its supposed to have.

You answered your own question. Its marginal as is, having it in the bottom of the post WWII BRs won’t hurt it anyway.


Cool answer the question, where would you put them?. Also how would a M4 Sherman with a 75mm do against a Tiger II.

You have the same old babble. Of “Cold war->Must not fight WW2” or “WW2 V WW2”

Low tier post war where it should be simple.Next

Proper historical matchmaking would be neat as an event, but not as anything permanent.

Minor nations would be screwed over the most, and there would be lots of unbalanced tanks/planes. There are lots of situations of WWII tech used in the post war era, such as most of France and Sweden. It would also mean the top tier of WWII stuff would club everything else. (MAUS, IS-6, Tiger II H, T26E5 etc)

The ultimate solution to this is decompression.


What do you even mean by that?

They do that already with the D-Day event which almost always results in the Axis having the advantage. Or Simulator battles where most engagements are WW2.

Screenshot (1666)
I’m also going to post this but this is the steam charts for player basis. From the info it hasn’t decreased, neither does it really increase but does very slowly. This means the game isn’t dying nor is it growing rapidly.

I repeat this is the steam chart this does not count those who do not use steam. Which means the number is larger.

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The game started out as WW2 so it does and can work.
Gaijin state things are too much trouble one year then they do something even more adventurous the next.

They could split the eras if they could be bothered It is a pretty sad state of affairs of they can’t.


The game started with 1920s-era bi-planes, not WW2. Another thing, you’re trying to claim it works without elaborating only tells me you do not know how to make a game or balance it. If a 75mm Sherman were to fight a Tiger II frontally, the M4 Sherman would lose. The only tanks that could kill them would be 76mm, M26 Pershing, M18 Hellcat, and M36 Jackson.

Wrong. The game (Birds o’ Steel) started with Battle o’ Brittan.


Thank God some of us approach from the sides

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M-51 is the bane of any tank with armor, its BS 400 MM pen at any range. Should add it to cold war scenarios if they ever add such a mode. Like i know it wont be good then, but better for 1 tank to suffer than all heavy tanks suffering because of 1 tank.

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It is post war so it would be and the fact Israel exists at all in pure post war fashion shows that Gaijin can do what it wants when it wants,albeit badly sometimes.

I sense your frustration with the M51 at 6BR is somewhat typical and is the reason for the suggestion the OP made.If I never see the R3 T20 again at WW2 levels it wouldn’t be too soon.

A majority of engagements will be frontally. You have this idea that it is magically impossible for ricochet or a tank like the Tiger II to turn around exposing his frontal armor. By then you are screwed. This isn’t Fury the movie. That just isn’t going to happen often.