Please do something to make 9.3 ground a tiny bit enjoyable

9.3 is awful. Nearly every game is an uptier to 10.0. Grinding 9.3 japan is actually killing me. Im not very good at the game, but even so, i’m getting put into 10.0 games every match. Its actually infuriating to even spawn in at this point.


Japan has a strong line up from 9.0 to 9.3. Easy to carry once you have a line up started. idk how you play or your playstyle but Japan slaps in that Br pretty well.

Its more of the entirety of 9.3 as a br. Maybe 8/10 games are uptiers to 10.0 +. its just unfun to play when you can never get a downtier. and a lot of those 9.3 japanese tanks have been nerfed. type 89 has been constantly bullied by gaijin every major update. Type 87 rcv is not 9.0 material, maybe a 8.7 at most? and the type 74s aren’t in a very good spot either currently, the only thing good on them currently is the type 93 shells, and hydro suspension. (not to forget about the m735 nerfs)


Does it though? You get a Type 93 and a Type 16 at 9.3 as far as I can recall… one being a bad AA and the other an overtiered wheelie boi that got hit with the M735 nerf as well.

To get an 9.3 lineup you got to buy a Type 74 G, which is just like the previous… 4? Type 74s but you get thermals, but you pay a big price by it being at 9.3 and it’s not really worth it at this point.

And then you can get the Type 16 FPS, a copy paste Type 16 which also relies on the M735… all of these should just be 9.0.

FPS is 9.3 as well. Type 16 P (a worse FPS) is now 9.0, and the regular type 16 is 9.7 now. Its not a good idea to trade out the fps for the 16 P

The 16 P and FPS are both 9.3, the other is 9.7 which is completely ass without any lineups.

Either than that 9.3 is pretty bad, you’re effectively forced to remove 3 tanks out of the line up to get somewhat fair match making. maybe if ground was decompressed some more then the grind would be somewhat fun. but it just isn’t

I mean you’re left with a useless Type 87 RCV, a crippled Type 89 and two Type 74s, no good CAS options and one of the worst helicopters.

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Please for the love of everything nice do not try to say the god damn type 16 with gen3 thermals, that survivability, and that mobility are somehow overtiered just because they have to slightly aim for weakspots

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the type 16 at 9.7 is way over tiered, and only because it has Type 93 rounds, along with the same thermals as the other type 16’s . all type 16s have that survivability because the engine takes 90% of the frontal blows. you’re whining about having to aim as well. Also its not at a br where its even PLAYABLE. there are no other 9.7/10.0 tanks for japan besides the type 81 c. and the type 16 is unplayable at 11.0
both type 87 rcvs, and the type 16 are proof of gaijins imcompetence.

actually,let me give u some advice
DO NOT TOUCH JAP 9.3,Try 9.0 instead
I know 9.3 hasType16 BUT M735 only, the power of M735 just feel like S**T
Yeah,9.3 has 93SAM too,but nothing to do with ground battle,recon or AA only
None of them has the better experience
Try9.0,it has Type74/89/87SPAA/87 recon.U have Type91(DM33-105) on Type74,And decent mobility with not that useless protection
U can alse have 35mm auto cannon and missile on Type89
More playable than 9.3 and u wont meet L2A4

All no armor vehicles have survivability, the Type 16 is not special in any way, and a poor shell is what makes or breaks these vehicles.

At 9.0 you get the PTL02 with almost a 100mm extra pen, or the WMA that gets a better APFSDS at 337 on top of a tandem ATGM for 750mm of pen and they also both get gen 3 I believe.
The ZTL only one step above it gets close to 500mm of pen opposed to 290 as well as a tandem ATGM again.
The Centauro at 9.3 gets DM23 on top of the M735 and at 9.7 its 408mm.

Thermals are nice I guess, but ever since they nerfed thermals I don’t really care much for them so personally it’s not a major benefit.

Yeah, but both the premiums are 9.3 so if you want to use those to grind you’re screwed to the massive prem spam at 10.3

Nope.Type16 has actually the best Front-protection against auto cannon among all those wheels except Class 3p(around 100-130mm)
The BIG flaws of PTL/ZLTs are their hopless mobility,lack of guns depression angle,and poooooor protection.Which means its pretty vulnerable against auto cannons/MBT with decent penetration/complicated terrain.
So I never consider ZLT/PTL as a good challenger to other wheels.
In fact.9.3 is not the only option to japan.Normal one with talisman is also an option.maybe the better one

Nah, plenty of them die easily when shot correctly. No excuse for gen3 thermals and high mobility on a survivable tank regardless. ALL wheeled vics w/ 105 or 120 are undertiered btw, very few exceptions.

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Pretty sure the ZTL has more armor than the Type 16, and 30mm of armor isn’t really impressive on the Type 16 either, it stops .50s from the front but that’s about it.
Yeah, the WMA and PTL suffer from the armor, but you play them sideways anyways to not have the crew get one shot.
The ability for the PTL and such to one shot enemies vastly increases their effectiveness compared to the Type 16 that does not.

Gen 3 thermals and mobility don’t magically do more damage, the M735 is ass.

No my friend,u can actually see the exact protection of ZLT11 and Type16 :)
For poor armor ones,sideway is the only way.
But dont u see the map changes these days?
Damn GD cut the sideways and let EVERYONE stand in line and shot each other with muskets
Also,sideways need better mobility.About that,PTL is not that good though
U can have a Type16FPS to compare the exact protection and mobility
Except firepower,Type16 is almost better at everyother sides compare with ZLT.

Well I am not in game so I cannot, but armor wise the ZLT has more armor with 55 on the turret and 30 on the hull vs only 25 on the turret and 35 on the hull, at least on the stat cards.

I’d rather have firepower than almost anything else, being able to one shot kill is the most valuable trait as it actually rewards good playstyle, I can rack up a lot of kills in the Type 99 because I get rewards for shooting first, the Type 16 you shoot first and half the time it’s not enough and then you die, 30 or 35mm of armor is not the difference there.

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Does plenty enough.