Please do something about Air gamemodes

Current 16v16 RB does not suit 4th gen aircraft, it’s an unmanageable clusterfuck. The 12v12 toggle doesn’t really help since it doesn’t ensure you get a smaller match. Ideally, the toggle should ensure a smaller match, even if that means a slightly longer queue time.

Rework the current gamemode or add new ones, like Air RB EC. RB EC was a thing in the past so it would be easy to implement.

If Gaijin really wants us to keep playing 16v16, at least force players to spawn from different airfields, and spread out the objectives across the entire map.

But in any case, don’t leave things as they are now, please.


I’m all for multiple airfields.

I think something like 3 airfields spaced far enough apart so that travel time between them at a given BR range’s median plane would be around 3-4 minutes would work wonders to break up the furball, provided there’s also an objective between each of the airfields - an objective the players are motivated to engage with before moving on to help at the other objectives.


Yes it’s such a simple thing, and it would improve the gameplay so much…
I don’t understand how this has not been implemented yet.

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