Please check the nation of the AI vehicles in top tier sim


Recently I have been playing sim in my Phantom, and it is a bit weird to have the “enemy” AI, while playing as the US, be comprised of NATO vehicles. If it is possible, it would be highly appreciated to go through the sim missions and change the vehicles the AI uses to be in line with whatever nation is on Team A or Team B, specifically for this matchmaking set, because it seems to be the most popular for top tier battles.
I believe Team A is on the left and Team B is on the right.
Maybe just make Team A vehicles all American and Team B vehicles all Russian/Soviet.


Overall I’d love to see that already the nation setups be reconsidered.

Why would - in the most close-to-reality game mode - Germany and Italy fight alongside Russia and China? This matches neither WW2 nor post-WW2 scenarios!

Why not offer pairings that for example for the post-WW2 era encompass NATO and affiliates vsa Warsaw pact?

But then I understand that already the tech trees themselves are mixed, which of course add’s to the problem…


this problem exists since August 2021. usefull action was introduced and the proven old historical sim nation settings were replaced by the current ones. the AI nations correspond to the old nation settings. the developers simply did not make the effort to adapt the AI to the new settings.

now I even have to agree with Schindibee :)
just as you write it I wish it for 2 years.

imo they should just make mix battles and not do matchmaking based on nations at all. (

Or if they don’t do that, make post ww2 matchmaking rational. In this case NATO vs Russia and China. This could even equalize games a bit more since Best CAS would have to deal with Best Anti-Air of Soviets.

You will occasionally get matches in SB like that, it sucks… especially if you have no radar/IFF. You have 0 way of know who is friend or foe without getting within 0.6 ish KM for nameplates to appear, which is no good if you are in something not built to turn fight. Its not perfect, with both sides having stuff like F-16s and Phantoms, but at least its better than nothing and you can visually identify quite a few jets reliably from ranged, like anything french or swedish is usually instantly recognisable.

For air sim I really wish they would implement a “participate for Team A/B” system where you choose which team to get on and each team has specific vehicles that it is allowed to use. That way, for example, all the F-16s would be on one side, say Team A, and all the MiG-29s would be on the opposite side. It would allow for asymmetric combat and historical accuracy at the same time, but it may be hard to implement. It would have to have checks for vehicles of the other team in a lineup for a country like China, who could potentially be on two teams with their F-16s and J-8s, to make sure that you can’t join one team using the other team’s vehicles. Say if you have vehicles from both sides it just doesn’t let you join, until you remove all the vehicles from one side or another.

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I think that player counts have to be considered for this as well. To me, it doesn’t feel like Russia and China alone could handle every other country in the game, regarding active players. That’s why I’m okay with the “mixed” matchmaking as is but I would like it to be changed in some ways.

There was a serious game balance problem in the old system. There were zero sim matches going on for a lot of vehicle choices until players could customize the nations.
Then the customization was abused by allowing single nation vs single nation, so we’re on the new system sadly.
I think returning to the customization one but forcing a minimum number of nations would be best.
Maybe all 10 nations must be selected. That’d prevent most abuse.
Could add a minimum nations per side of say 3. So it has to be at least 3 nations vs 7, but not more dispersed than that.

Maybe a system similar to the mixed sim battles would be a way to go, with clear vehicle sets on each side.

There would be quite a few of them however (best also 9x4, for each EC-bracket and rotation day)…

you know the War Thunder players. if the MiG-31 comes then all Russia play. if the F-15 comes then suddenly all USA play.

if a nation has too few players, reasonably programmed placeholder AI should support the team with fewer players. other shooters and sims have clearly structured and authentic nations and it works wonderfully.

I would sort the nations like in the sim tank battles.

  • WW2 Axis vs Allied
  • Cold War Nato vs Russia and China.