Please add a setting to turn off Wind physics

Done, and added some info on Beaufort wind scale…

I am pretty sure the wind physics on trees is what causes random frame drops for quite a few people

I would like Gaijin to consider removing this feature/add off button, ulq player here and before update i had maximun hardly 25fps now if i use binocs on foresty area it drops to 3-6fps… can you imagine what im goin thru? Game became unplayable for me, impossible to enjoy ground rb, even trees in air rb drop fps drasticly if i look down which makes dogfights very unbalanced for me. People bring up disadvantage argument about ulq players, actually i am the one at the disadvantage in this case, im getting really close to 1fps ONE DAMN FRAME PER SECOND with each update, waiting for minus value fps, that would be like 1 frame per 5 seconds etc.

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