Please add a setting to turn off Wind physics

Wind Physics are neat and all, but it’s as though I’m in a hurricane and my computer does not like when hundreds of trees snap around every couple seconds.

A simple Graphical setting would be nice if it doesn’t exist.


Yes please!

For me those shaking trees fit more into a fantasy scenario with Ents and Huorns attacking Isengard, not a wargame sim with otherwise very realistic graphics and effects.


Haha, I think they went too far with the air, it’s as if every day there were gusts of wind of 100km/h, it would have to be random, games where they don’t move, where they move a little and games where they move the same how it is now added to maps when there is a storm.

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It’s like the trees are having a seizure!


The way trees move with setting “clear” in test drive is a wind strength of about 6 to 7 Beaufort, which corresponds to 39 to 61km/h wind speed.

Such winds do occur, but not as frequently as currently implemented in WT. Also, it is not scaled the same way as for the smoke it seems: Smoke columns rise nicely and realistically, trees shake wildly as if they just want to get up and walk away any second…

It’s a bit like the snow falling from perfectly clear skies on some winter maps. Is that still a thing? True, such weather exists, but as a ultra rare meteorological phenomenon, not 9 days out of 10. Or the frequency of rain in e.g. the Sinai Air map: if it rained so much IRL, that region would be green…

I find it a pity that so much attention and love is put into creating stunningly beautiful and realistic looking vehicles, only to throw it all over board because they have a new effect or two and implement it because the can.

For me those fall under my newly defined “3 UN’s”:


If such effects are added, please always make them optional in the graphics setting, where one already can in detail adjust waves, shadows, foliage, etc…


This should read “some trees”.
Because we all know that in reality, if you look at a bush or a tree flapping around like crazy than you use the binos to look at another sitting 50-100m away, you should see those further away standing still.
That’s sarcasm if some won’t get it.


Yeah it’s very inhomogeneous: you can really see one large deciduous tree shake wildly, and some smaller coniferous trees next to it not budge at all…

If it is not necessary for them to be optional, you can put windy days, stormy days that make what is in front look bad, fog, snowfall, etc., the thing is that they have to have a proportion, so that in adverse climates it is in a few games.

The wind gusts is to much sometimes, the trees feels like there is a tornedo near by and as said it is inhomogeneous, simply put not beutiful at all


I was in Danang when Typhoon Molave hit the city, the wind of this Typhoon (~145 kph) is nothing when compared with winds in WT.
I believe the development team simply made the trees move randomly, there is nothing called “Wind Physics” here.

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You have a Hurricane at the ground but Planes are not affected.
very realistic.


I hate the kew feature. Please let us turn it off. Very bad visual effects.

Every player would turn it off, as it would offer a significant advantage in ground RB spotting to do so, just like the grass in scope setting. Might as well either remove it then if you can’t reduce it.

If EVERY Player would turn it off, one could think if it was probably not a good idea to implement it in the first place.


Maybe we should get wind effects in air modes, that actually affect aircraft :P

Imagine landing a jet in SB with cross winds :P

Conversely if everyone has the same disadvantage as me and it makes things more atmospheric, I won’t mind it a bit.

I’m hoping it’s a work in progress. For starters there’s no associated sound as there would be for high winds, and it has no impact on flight or ballistics. Hoping that’s coming soon. But those would need to affect everyone else too.

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Hah, watching fellow sim pilots land, I often wonder if they are not already affected by the same winds that shake the leaves off those poor trees in ground battles…

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I hope we get more weather in air and maybe even modeled weather physics on vehicles. But yeah… thats going to be messy 🤣

I agree, I cant stand this update. I’ve spent many hours in real tropical storm force winds and this simulation is way worse than that. Could airplanes fly in that? Would airplanes fly in that weather? Did airplanes fly in that weather? Why does every update make things worse than the ones before it? Why does WT take away hiding spots and force people to run out in the open like chickens with their heads cut off? Do people cry about getting shot from someone that is in a good spot? Why not make them learn from their mistakes? The game is getting less and less fun all the time.


probably the worst effect added to WT ever.
If they put a Wind Off button, everybody will use it.