Please add a setting to turn off Wind physics

It’s been reported as a bug for a while now. Take a gander on the bug site to see how many reports there are on this + new ones popping up each day.

There lies the biggest problem that the current implementation has. Since the flapping trees are rendered only on a small radius around the player, someone sitting in an open field can actually see a player driving in the woods or behind bushes (because no flapping in the distance), but the one in the bushes or in the woods will be unable to see the player that sits in open field (because flapping in the close radius).
So they either implement it as a map wide effect or it should be entirely removed.

That wind effect is just crap, so yeah, an off button in the graphics choices would be a great improvement.


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Not only the animation looks bad, but also the transition between the static model and the animated one when you get close is atrocious. The idea is not bad however, but if they are not able to make it look smoother, I rather see it completely removed.

To this day I do not know why they did not keep the old animations for them… Like they where synced to the smoke and debris and looked fine. They allso applied locally instead of over the server like they do now.

Doesn’t mean any of them are reported correctly, or in a manner conducive of an investigation.

They are. But I guess it’s easier to blame the players for something that Gaijin obviously screwed up, right?

Another extra advantage for people who already play ULQ even though they’ve PC way better?

Just fix the damn tree physics and improve it.

Often people think they are, but often they really aren’t… The old ‘Why do I need to supply this file?!’ or ‘You can SEE how bad this is!’ without saying and expressing the true problem with it.

There are accepted bug reports on this, so they are complete, otherwise they wouldn’t be accepted.
Thanks though for exemplifying what I’ve said before on you blaming the players and not Gaijin for their incompetence.

But don’t Gaijin play their own game, at least sometimes? Can’t they see just how bad this is?


Not sure about the advantage argument. If you could explain further, I would welcome it.

I just find the whole thing visually distracting because the tree movement local to the tank (Storm force 12) doesn’t match distant tree movement (stationary trees). And don’t get me started on the ‘dying tree’ death throes as they wiggle and flap into the grave. It’s more like comedy than realism.

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And if there are reports, and they’ve been accepted, then they will be fixed at some stage.

I blame players because I don’t trust them to do anything… Much the same as every time you try say to someone that it may not be the game, they come back saying that it is the game… You then enter into some discussion about what they’ve tried, and often you find they’ve actually tried nothing.

They’ve just been told by people that it is the game, so they assume it is the game, going on for months until they figure out that it is indeed thier connection, and that they have been avoiding the fix for a longer time.

It’s much easier to blame the game, and rely on others to report things, making out your issue is ‘related’ to another bug report, because of the ‘similarities’ in the outcome, but it doesn’t forgo the actual checking and diagnosis.

I have seen a lot, and I’ve done a lot of work with people, even IRL when I was working on helpdesk… It’s VERY common to people who are just looking at an issue, that they can’t see the actual solution.

It doesn’t forgo you submitting a correct report, rather than just throwing out rage into the issue tracker as some actually do…

With the same comment you make… ‘Don’t you guys even play your own game?’ isn’t a part of a report, but you’ll find a few in there at least that say that, whilst submitting a report that hasn’t got the information they need because the user decides that it’s not needed because they think they know what the problem is.

OMG the amount of cope. Be real now, are you on the Gaijin payroll?
Stop it with “submit a bug report” already, I told you there are reports submitted and accepted. Anything else is just going to be labeled as duplicate and closed down.
The lack of QC testing for new mechanics isn’t something new, in fact plain broken implementations of new mechanics is more like the norm instead of the exception. Gaijin knows, they just don’t care and they constantly push out stuff that was never requested by the player base or which is so poorly implemented that it just shatters any enjoyability of the game.

Yeah they literally apologised for the implementation of the LOSAT in yesterday’s patch notes since it was so broken.

Did anyone actually test it in game? Probably not.

You must be projecting to be calling cope on that comment.

You can also submit to the same reports, you don’t have to make duplicates. But you also have to submit the same information, which as I said, many don’t.

But if people were going to the dev server and taking all the opportunities they were given to test things, then there wouldn’t be as many if they were found earlier, rather than people going there just to play, rather than test as it’s supposed to be for.

Did you ask them directly if they care, or are you merely having the same thing that I said about… That you’ve told yourself, and others that, and you’ve merely convinced yourselves of that…

Just saying, this is a common thing, especially when trying to explain the disappearing/rendering tanks issue as being a crew skill issue.

I think that ‘filing a bug report’ isn’t the way to go on this one. I don’t see it as a bug (wind/bendy trees/crap colours); they stated that wind effects were coming, and showed it on a trailer. Even is the trailer was less stormy.

Basically I, and some others, are saying ‘we don’t like it, it is crap, please turn it off or give me the option to do so’. That’s asking for a feature, not calling out a bug. Gaijin intended this to look like whatever it is.

Really, gaijin only have to play the game to see what don’t like… or is that too difficult for them? A bug report won’t work - it is what they expected to happen in graphics. Just that, from my personal perspective (which counts for diddlysquat) it is a steaming pile, and not a wonderful addition to GRB. And yes, I am sure some one absolutely loves the hurricanes breezing through Alaska, Poland and every where else. I don’t though. So please let me turn it off.



Well, really, it is, because the overly affected trees, are really intense.

I’ve actually said a couple of places that they do need turning down.

Even shooting them they go all weird when they do drop, if you hit them in the right spots.

For what it is worth, an issue is raised here: (Windy trees still too excessive)
So you can add your vote on it with the ‘same issue button’.



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