Pleas make the Vehicels balanced

After I finally unlocked the mig 23mld I was kinda happy because it was always a really solide plane (overpowered). And now they nerfed it into the dirt and now the mirage F1C 200 is the most overpowerd plane at 11.3. What is my proplem now? Some people might know. Why does gajin always make a good vehicel bad and anither vehicel overpowered instead. Why can’t they make it balanced instead of one OP plane and the rest can sk dk? Is it that hard to put a plane at a BR where it is balanced? And don’t tell me we don’t have enough BR. Gajin can do up to an BR of 15? Make it balanced.

They didnt make the F1C overpowered, they made magic 2’s better.

And speaking of overpowered, the Mig 23’s were overpowered and im happy they got nerfed into the dirt.
(it was a historical)

Its still not the worst 11.3 so i suggest changing your playstyle to combat the nerf

If u buff the magic 2’s u also buff the mirage F1c 200. its not fair that I can’t flare a headon megic 2 after wasting 10 large flares

Lmfao that meme was funny and all in fair honestly. The person above needs to do one spell, but also two to get better at the game. Since its fairly clear that he lacks the experience.

The last and only time Mig-23MLD was OP was when they were released.
They haven’t been OP since.
Even F-4J and F-4FG1 are/were significantly superior.

No. MLD was the better jet until recently.