I don’t know why I just keep getting instantly killed in so many matches with absolutely 0 kills. I mean, when I got in the spot, I got killed pretty instantly and it destroyed every one of my tanks without having any kills or caught enemy to kill.

This is extremely difficult and a struggle.

Like bro, I can’t even get kills when I keep playing WarThunder for 2 hours and I can’t earn money.

I am in rank II

How do I even play this game?

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If you watch Phlydaily or Oddbawz watch where they sit in game. Even in Arcade you can use their spots to your advantage. Watch where they are shooting tanks too, they know all the spots to hit and get one shot kills. Just from their videos where to kill KV1’s and T34’s more effectively.

I just saw the tank that has exact same kind of vehicle as me, they got 6 kills and I am shaking of questioning how the heck did they get so many kills. I’m just a noobie and newie. Do you know any better video about the advantages by Phlydaily? I can’t be bothered finding the video.

You want to actually squad with someone so you can get into the game more than watching the youtubers and getting simple ‘This spot’ guides… You need to just get used to even being in the matches without being the main target.

Keep near that green dude, they will help you out either from taking a shot or being a distraction.

What is your name in game? So I can check the replay of your matches and see what you did wrong.

Play arcade to learn the maps and where people go. Follow your team not lead the charge. Learn where to shoot to deal damage in ptotectiona analysis in hangar. And well, have patience, the skill curve is pretty steep.

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This guy gets it…

I apologies for the late reply, also it’s KaTray

2.7 is a good BR rating in the US I find… Play that for a bit.

I’ll be honest, what people said just now makes me think I did something completely wrong.

But I thought it’d be difficult to learn the mistake… No?

Shall we talk about something in Discord if you don’t mind? my Discord name is katray

I’m more a text chat person, but you’ll be fine… Hang back a bit, let the team be a bit more of the meatshield for you.

Assists are worth more than kills (Not anymore) because if you don’t strain for the kill and die in the process, you then get the opportunity to get another assist and another without needing to respawn.

Artillery too, is a good thing to go for unlocking.

Indirect engagement is actually really worth it. Also don’t take shots out of urgency and desperation… It’ll make you have more success.

It was not late, I just asked 😀 Watching replays is also a great way of learning with better players, I do it all the time when I see someone doing really good. It’s good for learning about good spots, good routes/tactics and sometimes even were to aim at certain enemy tanks.

I truly appreciate you.

Am I supposed to save the replay when the game is ended?

I extend my appreciation.

I don’t want to make topics many time, that’s why I use Discord and ask for something.

The server replays are the best to watch. You can find them in the battle results in the bottom right of your screen in the hangar in the envelope. In there you’ll find the results and a ‘View server replay’ in each of them.

This will allow you to view you and enemys perspectives.

The game has text chat channels, next to the envelope is a chat button, and a friendslist button.


Thank you

I know where the replay button is.

But I’m sorry, I don’t mean that way, the way what sardinha08 said that they could watch my replay. It questions me; was I supposed to save replay so that sardinha08 can watch my matching?

Yeah, I know that but thank you!

So, you don’t have Discord right?

I do, I just hardly use it xD

I find squading, and doing is a lot easier…

Also the advice to stay alive more covers pretty much everything because by staying alive more, you see more and you get into the game more.

Especially when you join a squad and keep near the green guys.