Playing tank RB is impossible

I have played tanks for so long and it is the most painful experience I have ever seen and I haven’t even gotten top tier for them yet after years. I tried 7.7 before(which is now mostly 8.0) and it was always full uptiers. If I try 9.0 I just die. Most matches I get killed 2 times with 0 kills and get out of the game and most of those deaths are either from people cross mapping the spawn within the first few minutes on any long range map, or people who can see me when an entire forest is in their line of sight. I have even seen people aimbotting before and before someone says that is impossible, there are numerous videos on YouTube that show players using it. Each match is a loss which ends up with me losing SL because I fired a machine gun or shot my main gun once which counts as doing something so the automatic compensation that comes with a premium account is void. We need something to be done with tanks and soon. So many maps result in getting spawn killed fast, the rp grind is terrible compared to anything else even with a premium account and premium vehicle, and the fact the brs are so compressed that a tank from the 40s such as a T-54 can fight things like the XM-1 Chrysler or the Tam-2IP is ridiculous.
I know I may have gone on a small rant but considering the numerous issues ground rb currently has it is near impossible to list every single one without it looking like a rant. I could even go on to mention ULQ and such but I digress, the issues need to be looked into soon otherwise the mode will be as much of a joke as the servers in naval battles are.


just straight up don’t play ground after 7.0 unless you’re expecting to die

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More like don’t play in general since people can just cover their tanks in bushes which supposedly doesn’t offer an advantage. Let’s look at a Wiesel 1A4 covered in bushes, oh wait it is a literal bush

Based on your posts you sound like you hate every part of this game. Why are you still playing?


Obviously bushes give you an advantage, anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through their teeth and should be ignored. But if you are not enjoying the game, stop playing it. Go play a differnt game you have fun in, or go and do something in real life that you enjoy. there is no point smashing your head against a brick wall hoping one day that it will disintegrate. you can always come back to war thunder if and when they have improved the game and they have fixed the issues you see.

This is not how it works, if you do not make enough sl to cover the repair costs of the vehicles that were damaged then it will compensate that repair cost. You must also have auto repair on for it to apply. Can you share some of the end battle screens where this is happening, i take it you do have premium account?


I don’t even bother researching past 5.3-6.0, I just switch to a different country, or I go for aircraft or naval. Then later on, I can use the planes I get in GFRB and I have a more well rounded lineup. Plus, lower tier is more fun, because with higher tier you just get spawn killed.


Oh boi, wait until you see the top br. No tanks, only helis and planes. Great game totally works.

I have played some top tier, butI found it infuriating, so is stoped and switched countries.

Honestly this sounds a lot like a skill issue and nothing else really. Also the constant uptiers are to be honest confirmation bias.

That said, yes I absolutely agree that the game gets more and more frustrating the higher above 7.0. Stuff starts getting more crazy, more inconsistent, and harder for you to have control over. I myself am only capable of enjoying top tier in short bursts, I get frustrated with it too quickly. This is true for both tanks and planes.

So, in that case, you have two options: either keep bashing your head against the wall and try to learn the different gameplay meta that higher BRs have, maybe go watch some youtube videos from like Spookston or something and see how they play high tiers.
Or just give up completely and stick to WW2 where you presumably still enjoy and are more consistent. (No one will blame you, many people do that. Even I play mostly WW2 because its more consistently fun than high tier.)

There is nothing we can really do here because your posts are honestly just you complaining that you’re bad at the game, and the only solution is to learn to improve your skills.


what’s worse at top tier, is that when you hit vehicles in certain nation trees that are 100% a kill shot, and there’s plenty of evidence showing it’s a kill shot, but it keeps going like nothing happened. top tier in incredibly imbalanced in a predictable direction.

Me seeing the topic :

@supersaiyan9751 play under 7.0, we’re waiting you

top tier is a russian propaganda show


Ground RB ,is total fucking dog shit. Fuck it-DELETED WT.

i have a special place in my basement for people who play cracked wheeled vehicles…

I generally dont play above 7.3 myself. Few ezxeptions but im usually between 2.0 and 6.3
Japan is fun low tier. Love my chi ha short gun.

Anyways. Id just suggest avoid playing high brs. Its a mess 8.0+

Tank wise best BR are around 4.0. Rest you play if needed.


Everything above 7.7-8.0 is generally dog poo. The game design and the maps are simply not geared for higher tier vehicles. It can still be fun (occasionally) to play higher tiers, if you play in a team or squadron. Because at least a quarter or third of the team may have some kind of coherent tactics, and you can laugh together at how poorly implemented it is. But in general, it’s frustrating and painful and not worth the toxicity you will feel. This said, mid-tiers are still great fun imho and you can have a very good time.

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You should asking why new players quit after one month because all the veteran players are now doing noobbashing on new players in rank 1 and 2. Nobody want to play against people with lvl 50-100 camping nearby spawn. Top tiers I understand more common but lower tiers in rank 1 and 2 good luck that new players would stay to play.

Ive just played the new domination in Normandy in RB the map is totally wrecked. Another really good map that I used to enjoy so much, has just been made cactus!
Please please keep this map ruining changes for AB or give us the option to play the unadulterated versions of the maps.
Please stop wrecking the game in order to make the arcade style players happy.
The actual game play wasnt broken dont try and fix it.
The long term players will get feed up and leave if you keep this up.
That wasnt directed at you Upteirs-of-joy , it was a general rant , that normandy map changes pissed me right off


WW2 stuff is much more fun,