Playing in the same game with members using Foreign Alphabet

We have difficulty understanding members who use cyrillic or kanji, it is impossible to understand whether they are talking to each other or not. Especially users from China have completely usurped the European servers, shouldn’t they be playing on their own servers?


If they use Chinese in the chat, then it’s probably not meant for you/me/anyone non-chinese, so that doesn’t bother me.
On the other hand, what DOES bother me is, that I can’t talk to them directly, because I have no way of typing their name…


European server or any other server is not meant for Europeans or regional players only, anyone can use it. Many people select multiple servers in the interest of time; this is most common for Simulator players.

For the vast majority of communication, the radio commands suffice. People talking in languages you don’t understand are usually not talking to you, so it’s not a big problem.

Also, it is impossible to select the SA server along with other servers. You are only able to use auto selection to play on SA. Full selection is only enabled for other three servers (NA, RU, EU). In addition to having slow queue times, SA server often has high PL and ping problems, so this is Gaijin’s poor response to the problem. (A suggestion was passed to developers to resolve the issue, but there is no implementation)


We do not want to play with teammates we have zero ways to coordinate with.


I enjoy seeing people from all over the world in my games, so I usually leave all servers enabled (faster queue times too).

It would be nice to see the radio chat wheel expanded to allow better teamplay across language barriers though.


I fail to see a large problem. In general, War Thunder players are not the most cooperative, and close cooperation is only achieved in squad gameplay. For the purposes of general coordination, however, the radio commands are enough, along with map pings.

If you don’t want to play with teammates with poor chances of cooperation, don’t play. For example, there are many American players in each match which undoubtedly understand English well, yet do not cooperate; there exist so many such that the problem you have, by comparison, is a non-issue.

And this is without mentioning the many varied languages of Europeans. Why are Russians and Chinese specifically mentioned by English speakers? Firstly, that the corresponding player populations are higher, and, secondly, racism, which is quite obvious from many responses.


It’s too bad the non-readable names are the ones often not communicating using such techniques, who ALSO can’t understand my text chat where I call out people and the like.

This is just your confirmation bias. In reality, there is no significant difference. Also, in general many people respond to your pings even if they themselves don’t communicate well, which should be cause for reduced frustration.

The use of the term “non-readable names” is laughable. It’s as if you are assuming all people are like you in the lack of understanding of certain languages.


Don’t agree. You’re just guessing as well.

That is not my intention, it’s just that literally speaking most westerners do not understand eastern languages such as the various forms of Chinese or the various slavic languages. This extends to other nations in the east too but those are the two most common.

I think can add a feature in the game to copy player IDs in the chat box

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Unfortunately there’s a non-trivial amount of racism/xenophobia in the WT community, but I do think part of why these groups get talked about more is the different writing systems making it more obvious that someone is from “somewhere else”, and also not being able to actually read them making identifying names/etc harder. With Chinese especially, I can’t read the characters at all, so if I were on a team with names mostly in Chinese characters, I would have to remember someone’s name essentially by pattern recognition (what it looks like, rather than being able to read it).

Personally, I haven’t noticed any quantifiable difference in “teamplay” between different regions/languages, aside from the language barrier mostly restricting things to radio callouts. I’ve definitely had several really fun matches working with players of various different languages solely through radio callouts and “body language” (for lack of a better term), which is always satisfying. :)


Like 95% of player dont use commands regardless of their native language.

That is just how international games work. Best thing might be auto-translation but that can lead to bad translations which would not help communication or create false reports when it mistakes something for bad language.

Only other way they could “solve” this is to have players submit language test scores and only allow players to match with those who have a high enough language score in a certain language.

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or just fix the asian servers

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When I’ve seen Chinese it seems mostly Taiwanese and mainlanders insulting each other. lol
At least half of the Engrish I see is nothing but offensive/stupid, so I prefer to see squiggles over that.
I do wish I saw more French, Spanish, and Arabic to work on my fading reading…


I think there’s more to it than just fixing them, as it was who was lurking on them that was the issue for me, seeing the activity I found.

I wish. I use SA now and it is not enjoyable. Plus i have to use US, EU, and CIS for naval because SA has almost no one playing it

I totally agree with your observation - depending on daytime you are totally outnumbered.

Imho you simply underestimate the technical issues which are connected with this free server choice statement.

Some nerds (i understood ~50-80% of their posts) have stated various times in dozens of threads that the physical distance between players plays a role regarding your game experience. Mainly because other mechanisms try to flatten the input delay between players close to the servers and those far away.

Most of the players don’t even notice that - but if you fly in Air RB several thousand times the same plane with a real joystick and rather sensitive settings you can feel the difference - mostly a lack of responsiveness and your plane feels stiff like hell.

If you have some friends playing from NZ or Australia on US / EU servers - and some of them use satellite connections on top of that - you can easily test it by yourself.

It took 6 posts to pull the racism card…

Coming from the EU i supported this suggestion because depending on daytime the SA server offered a hell of Air RB matches on rather rare Pacific maps.

Yes it was a pain due to the bad connection, but playing 30-40% of my matches in 6 vs 6 lobbies on Iwo Jima, Saipan, Guadalcanal or New Guinea was worth the trouble.

forum comments trying to reduce any exchanges to racism or xenophobic nonsense. People all over the world are racist - and technically seen they can think whatever they want and act how they want.

I do agree with a previous post that most of these “unreadable” debates are mostly related to China vs Taiwan stuff (idc) but i if you have some free time and saved some screenshots - they are actually on the same level like the guys using “smoke if racist” or performing the N-word chain in all chat in Air RB matches - i see no no need to condemn or judge about both groups - they are random strangers in the internet - no need to be offended…

Imho most of the guys playing wt have zero problems with English - the main advantage of using written messages outside the Latin writing script is to spam out a hell of heavy insults either against each other or vs all.

And at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you can’t communicate - most of my matches are either 8 vs 2 or 2 vs 8 after a few minutes - there is no need for sophisticated exchanges…

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To be honest I only know English so any other language message is lost on me, and mind are lost on anyone not understanding English.

Different characters used just are more noticeable.

Some suggestions I can offer. First use Google translate. Open up a notepad. Save a couple phrases that you use commonly and have it translated to Chinese. Then cut and paste it into the game chat when needed. This can help you coordinate things. Second, if you’re using the Google translate app on your phone. You can change it to camera point your camera at the text on the screen and it will translate it for you. It’s really not hard.

One example of a radio chat message I really wish we had, and that I’d use every battle, is “Attacking the (x) point!”

Currently we only have “Attack the (x) point!” where you tell others to go do this, but no way to say that you yourself will do this.