Restore the South Asia (SA) server back to server selection

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In the current game version, the SA (South Asia) server is removed from the server selection, and players need to select auto to play on the SA server. This means that players who need to use the SA server experience multiple difficulties, one of which is the inability to combine servers. Previously, players were able to select SA as well as other servers like NA, CIS, EU, in order to minimize waiting time. In this configuration, players could also contribute to building matches in SA, with the possibility of a low-ping match. Now, players cannot select SA anymore and will be forced to either bear long waiting times or high ping. Many players are dissuaded by this change from selecting SA even though they live in the server region, since the waiting times are high, which causes even higher waiting times on SA.

Another problem is with simulator matches. Due to SA server not being selectable, air simulator matches are completely unplayable on the SA server. High ping especially makes it harder to play simulator in SA region.

I propose that the South Asia server is restored as a selectable option in the server selection menu. While there were some problems with South Asia server previously, such as abnormally high packet loss not found on other servers or higher ping, these problems are not as common and do not have such a large effect as the removal of an entire selectable server region, which causes a massive drop in user experience in the region. If SA is overloaded even with the smallest population, the servers should be fixed, instead of SA server being locked behind automatic selection.


yep SA was the only server i get good ping in because im in australia but now im always stuck in NA server that i get over 300 ping and completly unplayable


Yes this, wait times are up to 9 minutes for the SA/ Auto server selection, let me select NA and SA at the same time.

yea during the day being able to select both would be great then at night when SA is at its peak i would like to just choose that

Yes, Without SA server, the morning is painful

Agree, I live in Indonesia I’m Ok if I got NA server since it only give me 180 ping. But auto select just send me straight to EU with 300+ Ping defenetly unplayable

Please! Server ping for any other of the regions borders on unplayable in Australia.

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We need a few more servers as well. Specially a Oceania server and a Southeast Asia server.

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obviously gaijin does not care

lately been experiencing “Connection to server was lost” in NA server, NA/EU/CIS 300+ ping and only SA 120+ which long time waiting, not lot of players. Philippines here and I’ve been forced to CIS/EU server

Yeah, this change was super infuriating. I use to have both NA and SA selected. Now I have to choose one, see how long it takes to get a match in a queue, wait X amount of time, manually change servers, then do the same thing again.

Just let me tick both again.

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Please restore the option of SA. Why was it even removed to begin with?

I second this opinion to bring back SA server.
To be fair your asia player base is there and will always grow slowly as your game will continue develop.
Perhaps you can look into opening back SG region.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.