Players in Ground RB with one vehicle

Hello everyone,

This issue has been consistently observed in the Ground Realistic mode with numerous players using only one vehicle per match. This is often annoying to many of us who always go into the game with more than one.

I strongly believe that it will be great if the developers can create a filtration system. Essentially, this system would enable two types of lobbies; for players with one vehicle and for those who come in with two or more vehicles. In summary, all can have games that are less likely to be failures because half the team leaves in first 2 minutes.

So, what do you think? We’d love to know your opinions and any other suggestions!

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You can’t tell what team members or the enemy bring in RB, only in AB can you see own team lineups.

Not everyone leaving after one death has a one vehicle lineup, and people staying an entire match might very well have only one vehicle and do the most.

The free to do what you want system is a double edged sword, yes.

Sadly my Suggestion to part combat this never got past the Passed for Consideration point.


Thats not going to happen. Oh and secondly, you may want to change your name before you get a ban for it and they force you to change it.

Thanks for the warning. I had this name for 10 years already and it would be a shame if they force my name to change, with seeing players having way worse names in-game.

Yea they have been on a ban streak as of late in regards to names. Not sure what changed but some people with a name for a long time still got hit with it. You can always roll the dice maybe they wont catch your name and you will be good.

Bruh, that’s what all the YouTubers do

You ain’t good unless you only bring 1 tank and 1 plan.

Like me 😂