Player poll on how the new AUTO radar change impacts their games

Just a poll to see if people like the new AUTO radar change. I hate it but I am interested to see if it actually helps people.

  • I like the new AUTO radar change and it helps me in game
  • I do not like the new AUTO radar change and it makes the game worse and radar missiles harder to get kills with
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I have not had many issues with it to be honest, I really like the memory mode it goes into as well

I think people are always going to feel like it’s a bad feature due to the nature of it being ‘out of their control’, but I’ve done a few custom battle BVR fights with it and it handled it well.

what planes are you using if I may ask? I have had it cause me to miss shots I would normally get in my Italian Tornado ADV, in everything else it is usually a hinderance.

Mirage4000, Su27 and MiG29-SMT. Have not tried US jets yet though

ah okay well my first thoughts is that the missiles may be the difference in our experience. I have not used those jets recently so I am not sure.

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They did also change a TON of stuff regarding how radars and missiles work in general it seems, just based off the data-mines. Pages-long adjustments in stuff I don’t really understand, but I think a big reason why missiles feel different now is because of that.

It’s actually been a buff for the Phantom FGR2/FG1 because you couldn’t swap modes with a lock before to maintain the lock, it will now. And in the F3 it’s a lot easier maintaining the lock and especially acquiring a lock with ACM, just point and lock

Can there also be the poll option: The new AUTO radar change helps me in game, but I don’t like it.

Because this change makes radar harder to notch from what I know.

Yes and no…

Notching is just as effective, but the attacking player doesn’t have to press 1 button to maintain the lock like they did before (on aircraft that allowed mode swapping during lock like the F3)

But if you notch, the radar swaps from PD and if you chaff, it will swap modes and lock the chaff just the same.

that’s interesting, they needed the buff. I would still like to be able to choose whether to use it or not.

sorry I don’t think I can edited the Poll.

Instead of improving the way the radar worked and actually teaching the players how to use it, they just dumbed it down.
Even the super basic tutorial we had to wait years and years for didn’t even function and it was impossible to complete.

Yeah, should just be a setting in the controls.

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