Planned Progression Changes in November


War Thunder is constantly evolving and changing — new vehicles are added regularly, the characteristics of individual vehicles are refined, and various elements of progression through the game are altered. To accommodate for these various additions, we’re always paying close attention to these areas.

Between the 21st and 23rd of November, we’re planning to release a minor update that will change the progression of some vehicles, so we’d like to give you a heads up in advance with the details in this article.

Reducing modification Research Point costs for endline vehicles

We’ve often read your requests to remove the rule that vehicles at the end of research branches have increased Research Point costs for modifications. After returning to this discussion recently and assessing the current metrics, we’ve decided to abandon this mechanic. The modification Research Point cost of these vehicles will be changed to the standard level, meaning that it will be calculated based on the rank of the vehicle and its position within the rank, without any additional multipliers.

Free backups when purchasing Squadron Vehicles for Golden Eagles

Buying Squadron Vehicles for Golden Eagles is effectively the same process as buying a premium vehicle. In the summer and autumn of this year, we started giving free backups when purchasing premium vehicles — and additionally when activating tradable vehicle coupons from the Marketplace. After completing some necessary improvements, we’ll now add a set of free backups when purchasing a Squadron Vehicle for Golden Eagles. The number of backups will depend on the rank of the vehicle, and will be displayed on the stat card before being purchased.

Correcting the research cost of the SKR-7 Squadron Vehicle

The research cost of the SKR-7 corresponds to Rank III in the old fleet research system. As it currently sits at Rank V the point cost will be adjusted. The points required to unlock this vessel will be increased from 180,000 to 520,000.

Increasing the Research Point multiplier and price of some premium Rank II vehicles

The Celere Sahariano and Strv m/41 S-I have had their Battle Rating increased since their addition to the game, and as such have a lower Research Point multiplier and price compared to their contemporaries. With the release of this update, the Research Point multiplier for both of these tanks will increase from 1.12 to 1.18, and the price from 700 to 850 Golden Eagles.


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There are active topics to discuss this, this is not the topic. Please stay on topic. Thanks :)


This is… fantastic news, to say the least! To say I’ve been hoping for this change would be an understatement…


Finally, it’s happening. After so long…


I still think the same thing, the game needs to change many things to make it a good game, things like the damage model of all the projectiles in the game and their corresponding balancing, the interaction of the volumetric bullets with the armor is fixed, modify to make the penetration calculator is more realistic, balance the CAS in GRB, make much larger maps (at least with grids of 400 x 400 minimum), so that instead of two respawn points it is a margin of the map and being able to choose the point where it appears to avoid spawncamping. All these changes are really necessary, what is a shame is that gaijin is dedicated to making minimal and in some cases absurd changes, to pretend that they solve things when they are not really changing anything or solving any of the problems of the game. game. A real shame.


As a coastal player, thank you gaijin! That thing was such a pain to fight

yay i can finally play my end of line vehicles!!

i never really bothered unlocking and playing end of line vehicles because of the increased mod costs and seeing them removed is such a relief


This is such a massive W, thank you so very much for this!


really nice change. I refused to unlock end of line vehicles because spading them is a pain. This really improves the game


As what Stona said:



rp cost for high tier coastal boats is already absurd, its a shame to see the skr-7 getting hit with it too.

then again it means we will see less of them, which means less of dealing with its broken damage model that can somehow suck up hundreds of 5-6 inch shells without sinking.


great changes but my biggest issue is grind top tier helicopters they cost a lot of rb even if i use premiums heli or ground tank to grind they cost a lot of rb to grind i hope these get reduced !

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As i havent bought any squadron vehicle so far, is this only a “fix” (aka players who bought it for silver already got backups) or is it that only if you buy it for gold you get free backups?

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It is apparently not satisfactory that you aren’t planning to offer any compensations to the players who have just finished researching certain endline vehicles’ modifications. For example after the update the research points of a single modification of Tier 7 endline vehicles will drop by 10k or more, then how will you compensate for those who have just finished researching one or more of those parts?
You have not mentioned such update in the previous articles, and without such notice in advance, those players who will suffer from the loss I mentioned above definitely deserve compensation.
I hope you will think twice before the final execution of the plan.

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Changing the RP for mods is nice.

What happened to the multiple tree research bonus in the roadmap?

Overall costs to research top tier ground vehicles is too high. Or the earnings are too low.


That means that we won’t have to suffer in top tier aircraft and tanks for literal weeks just to get some mods or a spade. A blessing indeed


I honestly do not care much about that. It may make the grind more enjoyable in the future and as a guy who’s gone thru more than a couple end of the line vics, while time does feel wasted, I am at least happy that in the future the pain won’t have to repeat.

@Stona_WT What happened to this?


So if yesterday you went to a shop and bought a loaf of bread, and today you see that now there is a discount on that bread, you expect that shop to pay back the price difference?

Doesn’t work like that, I guess… Just as the inverse (expecting to get that loaf of bread for the discount price after the discount has ended) will not work.


That’s not how real life works buddy, might wanna learn basic economy to know that suckers get the short end of the stick, this change is only going to be for future vehicles and players, can’t possible refund everything for everyone can they?

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