Planned Battle Rating changes for April 2024

Hey everyone, today we’re showing you the Battle Rating change proposals for the month of April!

There’s several Battle Rating changes for aircraft, ground vehicles and naval vessels.

Let us know your thoughts

We’re going to be reading your feedback on these changes, so please feel free to share your thoughts and any other suggestions that you may have.

If you’ve seen any comments that you agree with in your opinion, make sure to upvote them so that we can see!

The War Thunder Team


2S38 ignored again.
Money over balance?


Interesting, no SB changes.


Please say this is still part of April fools…


Finally the T-34’s moving up, now can we just have them at rank 3


The 2S38 could stay if they actually put the HSTV-L at 10.3 where it belongs.


Looks like some nice BR changes for subsonic 9.0 area jets, tho i wonder if some jets might have been forgotten

Like the J-29F at 9.0.


1,Object 292 and T-80UD must move to 10.3 in RB ground.
2, Bo-105 premium (9.7) and AGS(11.0) must be removed from 9_2 bracket in SB ground.
3, M60A3 TTS (China) must have M774 round to be a fair MBT in 9.0, RB ground.
4, T-69 IIG and Leopard 1 A1A1 need to go down to 8.7 in RB ground.
5, M551 needs to go down to 8.0 in RB ground.
6,VT-4A1 and Chieftain MBT family need a reload buff!!

VT-4 should have 6.7 second maximum reload speed // // Issues
Reload too slow for Chieftain // // Issues


So far just 2 additions from me:

  • Mystere IV should go down to 8.3 along with Mig-15Bis and F-86F
  • Chinese M60A3 TTS should probably go down to 8.7 to compensate for it having a significantly worse round than the American one and missing the ERA.

When they start killing more than Strf 9040C, Begleit, and HSTVL then it’s definitely necessary to move it.

lolno HSTVL is already where it belongs: 11.3. I have a preliminary 2:1 KDR in it. 2nd fastest tank in the game.


With these new changes, you can now fight MIG 15 BIS in your spitfire mk.24!

What in da april fools bruh


No you cannot. Spitfire is 7.0, not 7.3.


Literally check the spreadsheet BISISH is going down to 8.0 lmaooooooo


Wow, it’s fast, I put about 10 rounds in the SIDE of a Leopard 2 without killing it, that’s nearly half the ammo of the tank. It’s awful at 11.3, could be 10.7 at best. It is all around worse than the 2S38, except mobility.



SKR-7 (and SKR-1) needs to go to 5.0.

It was already the strongest coastal in the game before the HE changes, now it is an absolute unstoppable terror. Made playing the event for Baden absolutely miserable.


I’d like to see the Su25SM3 BR go to 11.3 in SB.


Kinda amazing changes!
The only one I have a problem with is the Roland going down to 9.7, while the FlakRakPz and American Roland are still 10.3. They’re identical vehicles, Gaijin!
I also am not a huge fan of many of the jets going down, this will only compress early jets. But it may end up being positive.
Also unsure about the Puma moving up. It will handle 3.7 fine but that’s stretching it especially when other wheeled vehicles with comparable firepower are at much lower BR.
Additionally, the T-34s moving up are unjustified. They’ll do alright, but the 1941s are directly worse than the 1942s and Es.


Read further and saw the m551(76) is going to 7.0 and now I’m kinda disappointed in the changes😔


I agree with the changes, all are welcome.

Now im going leave few suggestions for RB only.

(SPz LG3 12-3) move from 6.7 to 6.3 = This tank is extremly bad, long reload, poor post pen and mediocre movility is ridiculous he stay in 6.7 when you have by far better options in low BRs. For example Jagdpanzer 90 in 6.3 with faster reload and movilty. In another trees you cand find faster and more powerfull HEAT slingers in 6.0 , so is senseless 6.7 for this crap tank.

(ARL 44) move from 5.3 to 5.0 = Big turret with poor armor and bad movility plus reload speed.

(M-51) move from 6.0 to 6.3 = Excellent medium tank with a powerfull 105 mm gun. There is not a single reason for leave that monster in 6.0, now is perferming extremly well and WW2 tanks need more decompression.

(VK 45.01 P) move from 5.3 to 5.0 = Much worse Tiger, you cant use angle tactic because the 80mm weak spots in the frontal armor and the turret speed is much much worse and even is lower in foward speed giving worse movility than the tech tree variant.The only good is his reverse but thats all.
This tank should be lowered to 5.0 with all his drawbacks and very low number, in 5.0 is far for be a problem for the gameplay.