Planes that I will not fly in the future due to increase in BR in Simulator

I will no longer fly the following planes due to their being recently increased in BR:
Bf-109 F-2,
Bf 109 G-2/trop,
many, many more
I was really disappointed to see A7M1 changed from 4.0.
Many BRs are being increased, however I see no BRs being decreased. You want to make a good gesture? Make the P-51H-5-NA 6.3.

I paid real money for certain planes at certain BRs and now they are now more restricted as to when I can bring them. Gaijin already got my money, so it is irrelevant as to whether myself the customer is happy now. Such is life.

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I can not stop Gajin from monkeying with the BR in simulator, however, I can avoid the abrupt, jarring changes entirely through just not playing. I would have thought that after the recent events that Gaijin would not want to displease and alienate players.
What is a potential amelioration for this? I say revert the change of BR of all planes in Simulator. Make the Wyvern 4.7 again, make the A7M1 4.0 again, etcetera…
I was going purchase more days of premium, however, seeing the A7M1 changed from 4.0 caused disgust instantly the moment that I noticed.

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So you won’t play extremely powerful aircraft cause they’re at a slightly different BR?
And you want the most powerful prop in the game to be made 6.3?
Sir… this is unreasonable.


Consider this: How long was the BR of the P-61C-1 4.3 in simulator? It was considered fine at 4.3 for as long as I have played this game which is almost 2 years.
Regarding planes such as A7M1: I purchased it when it was 4.0. I enjoyed playing matches with it. Now less matches are available. I paid real money for something and have lost function. Bait and switch - Going forward in the future, I have learned from the error and will not make the same mistake again.

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Cita [You] want powerful prop to be made 6.3?

You mention a powerful props and how that it would be,

Cita “unreasonable”

that the BR not be 6.7. ( which signifies that they will always encounter jets, whereas if they were at 6.3, then they would have a couple of days where 6.3 is maximum in its tier, while other days the tier may be 6.3-7.3 where they encounter both props and jets… )
Look at theYak-3 ( VK-107 )*1. ( BR = 6.3 ), F2G-1 ( BR = 6.3 ), G.56 ( BR = 6.0 ). There are already very powerful props that are not 6.7. You propose that these and other powerful props have their BR increased to 6.7?
Is it really unreasonable that powerful props enjoy not being subject to interception by jets even for the two days that 6.3 would be the top of a tier in the rotation?

*1. ( I bet that Gaijin is planning on increasing the BR of this plane ( Yak-3 ( VK-107 ) as well, giving the middle finger to everyone that paid full price for it. We shall see, hopefully they do not do this. )

I will check back in for updates later.

I see why it was moved.
A7M1 was clearly under-BR’d beforehand, its BR is fine currently.
P51H5NA is the most powerful prop in the game, even going toe to toe against Su-11s & winning.
The fact it’s not 6.7 in air RB is rather hilarious. 6.7 is fine for it, it’s superior to the F7F & F8F at 6.3.

I get your frustration, and clearly there were instances you acquired vehicles that were atrociously under-BR’d.
P51 is always fine tho.

Bruh the A7M1 was utterly broken at 4.0, and I say this as somebody who LOVES the A7M1.

This post is in relation to Simulator.
Good luck playing in the land of the labels where everyone automatically knows the type of aircraft that you fly, your altitude, the distance between you and them, etc.

“Overpowered”, you say?
The same strategies of boom and zoom that are employed against A6M2, A6M3, etcetera apply and are capable options in combat.
People can refer to statistics or anecdotes, etcetera in their support of the assertion that the A7M1 is “overpowered”, however, player knowledge and skill are the factors in deciding whether victory is secured or not. A capable pilot can take any P-47 and use it to successfully intercept and to destroy anything prop that Japan has at any BR.
In my evaluation, the plane is not, “overpowered” at 4.0 in simulator, but rather the brains of those that foolishly decide to turn with it are underpowered.
You can fly variants of the P-47 ( a plane capable of countering any prop once you have climbed and collected energy ) from 3.7 onwards.
A7M1 could be at 4.0 as it was and life would go and capable pilots would continue not deciding to enter futile turnfights with them. A7M2 has better performance with better speed, however both are at 4.7.
The A7M1 needs to go back to 4.0, or at least 4.3, however I feel dirty even considering this as acceptable given as people paid 4000 GE or whatever that it cost, for a plane that they could fly at 4.0. I would not have purchased it if it was at 4.7 as I could just use the superior A7M2.
Anyways, those were some thoughts. Feel free to reply and I will eventually check back in.

The A7M1 is faster than any A6M in the game while having turn performance that ends up being very similar for all intents and proposes.

Even something like Spitfire does not compete with the A7M1 when it comes to turn rate.

The A7M’s BR’s were already comically low being against Mk V Spitfires and Whirlwinds ffs it’s about time it got bumped up it was easy mode for far too long. I don’t know what the 109G-2 has gone up to but doesn’t that also fight Mk V Spitfires whilst evading the Mk IX?

The F4U-4 is a bit of a UFO too and deserves whatever BR increase it has got.


Pilots of Spitfire need to know that they need to keep the bird moving with at least a moderate level of speed. When one start pulling very forcefully at lower velocity, causing wingtip vortices, deflecting flow of air under wings, the Spitfire will flatspin. Many pilots of Spitfire want to do continuous, slow turns with Zeros, I-153P, etcetera, and this impulse sends them to the grave.
The A7M1 will allow the average pilot to gets kills on the average adversary because many people refuse to accept that their plane is surpassed in pure turnfighting. It is not an issue of an overpowered plane, but rather underpowered brains of those that impulsively enter into futile turnfights instead of playing their planes to their advantages / playing the energy game.

I love the G-2/trop. Is not good at 4.3 now ?

I disagree here. The Spitfire will be more of a handful than the A7M at lower speed but it doesn’t change the fact that the A7M was comically under B.R’d. It out turns the Spitfire, out runs the Spitfire, out dives the Spitfire with off memory only the high speed roll rate and maybe climb being worse. The A7M seal clubs at its B.R and it requires barely any braincells to fly in comparison.

The A7M could easily be a 5.3br aircraft and yet it has fought Mk V Spitfires.

Why are war-thunder air-players always so obsessed with the flatspin? As if a normal spin simply doesn´t exist. Fun-fact: Spitfires are well-known for very gentle stall-characteristics. That´s reality of course.

nice to read and know for those who admire this lovely iconic aircraft