Planes like the Mirage F1C-200 are the cancer of this game

Its just stupid, having IRCCM missiles face 10.3 planes is crazy. And on top of all of that its a fucking premium so people spam the shit out of it and you see it every game. Planes like the F-104 cannot even fucking dodge an IRCCM missile. Its just straight up over if they ever get your 6 and youre close to them.

Yknow, the magic aint hard to flare off. Front aspect its unusable basically, and rear aspect its useable only sub 1.5 km and even then u can still flare it off but now it takes more to do that. And if it gets downtiered to 10.3 which barely happens, most games are just 12.3 uptiers, then there would be 4x of the 11.3 planes max,so lets say two Mirages and two F-4S where the F-4S is much bigger menace than two Magic IIs at F1C.

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Tbf, it has no capable radar missiles to speak of, and at least it’s only two. Heard it has lackluster dogfighting performance as well.

oh, and not all 10.3 planes suffer hehe (*laughs in F-5 with one flaring R-73s, TY-90s, and Magic 2s in .5km rear aspect *)


I used the F1C and the F1CT quite a bit.
you don’t often get full uptiers.

Also the x2 Magic 2s are 2 free kills every match if launched in halfway decent launch conditions.
I would also contest the idea that the F-4S is better than the F1C

The F1C is a good jet, the real problem is the BR spread of the matchmaker and the compression of jets, particularily top tier.

The jet dies and lives with its magics, the RWR just makes u unable to know F-4S launched Sparrow on you.

from using it, I don’t agree
the 530F is fine, the 530E is fine and the Magics are above average. Thats x 5 missiles and the airframe is also capable of dogfighting with guns… Its a good jet.

The 530F very often miss even a straight flying AI. And first chaff decoys the missile as its not CW but pulse.

You know what is a problem…

The A-10 and SU-25 being at 10.3.

Facing 9.3 with no flares while carrying aim-9l’s, miniguns and having lots of flares at the same time.
Oh, and let also not forget about them having very, very good CAS capabilities.

When I use it I almost always get up-tiered. I may get a kill or two but I’m pretty sure I die more than 60% of the time.

However, When fighting against it I find it easy to counter.

Things aren’t always fair or balanced.

I find this accurate. In my experience it’s not overpowered. It’s fairly average for its tier.

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It’s practically ally only two free kills IF you get in a position to fire them. And even then, once you’re out of them, you’re pretty much dead unless you kill someone clueless with those radar missiles (good luck with that, better off not carrying them with all that drag and weight) or the 550.