Planes fuel tanks

While the Grippen receives its configuration of 3 external fuel cans and the F-14 also receives them, would it be possible that all planes that can carry them could have them, and all of them.

For exemple :
. The F-4, F-16 and Mirage 2000 can carry 3 tanks irl but only one in game
. The F-104, A-4, Harriers, Mirage III/F1, Jaguars, … can carry up to 3 fuel tanks but don’t have them in game
. A lot of ww2 props also carried fuel tanks and none of them have one


Over time more and more should gain at least one or more types of drop tank or fixed external fuel tanks (depending on aircraft)

There may not be a need for more than one external fuel tank payload option or configuration, that being said they may roll out other payload configurations once most of the aircraft have at least one external tank option

Developers will be aware that other aircraft will need fuel tank options, and they may be working on the most critical first… so best to stay tuned to the news

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