Planes fire Extinguishers = CRAP!

After years waiting , endly fire extinguishers were implemented on planes but…

What’s the purpose on fire extinguisher if they almost only works when YOU’RE ALREADY BURNT and destroyed ??
Worse , now they even no more work !!

Maybe implement a manual use of those extinguishers ??


Depends on the jet you are using, If an Single Engine was hit and set on fire, Fire extinguisher puts the fire out to avoid jet from breaking apart, gives you a chance to glide to your airfield if you are near.

Now with Jets with double Engines like F-14 or the phantoms, Usually if the jet is on fire basically one of the engine is set on fire and you can Put it out, Now you fly only with 1 functional engine with the afterburner to fly to the airfield.

If you didn’t put the fire out, the fire will slowly burn and explode the jet.

What is the issue?

They only work on the engines, if the fire starts somewhere else it’ll burn until it reaches an engine and only then you can use the extinguisher.

Personally I don’t find fire extinguishers on planes too useful, in most cases you’ll go down just the same, just a bit later. I’m actually considering uninstalling the module, just like I usually do with torpedo mode on most ships.


Just a good old radial engine (SU2-MV5)

I’m interested in your strategy, by removing the torpedo mode.

Talking WW2 they were always crap…probably still true to this day

Fire suppression systems , even today, don’t always do the trick.

These days, jet engine fire suppression systems only address fires on the outside of the engine, and there are a heap of caveats that cover their effectiveness - eg if the fuel line is leaking before the cut-off then pulling the fire handle (showing my age) won’t actually cut the fuel flow feeding the fire.

Likely the same in WW2- they cut fuel (unless the leak is before the cutoff) and spray inert gas unto the cowling - but if your fire is being fed by, say engine oil, then that might or might not be enough to put out the flames and prevent reignition.

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Completely agree. There’s a delay before the extinguisher has any effect, ok, but there’s somehow a mandatory wait time before we can choose to activate it.
Took damage from fire twice before the pop up, and plane “burnt out” a fraction of a second after the pop up.

Bad implementation. We should be able to activate them as soon as we notice a fire. Right now, they’re virtually useless.


Does anyone know if extinguishers are still missing from the Hs 129?:

I have removed it too for some torps. Fast torpedos are usually harder to avoid than slow ones. So if my torpedos have an OK rannge, I leave them fast.