Planes and bushes being the worst (and/or what i should grind next)

planes suck and ruin the game for silly little tanks, any open top and light tank is at the mercy of some dweeb in a flying machine gun raining hellfire down onto them, playing planes is similar to bushes as its simple disrespect to your opponent, i personally dont use either as i still believe in the whole do unto others as you would wish theyd do unto you, so i sometimes help my teammates repair and somesuch which is a mistake, never help your teammates. anyways, planes are boring as all hell and theyre skilless kill getters in grb, not even to mention how easy it is to get cas and ruin someones day instantly, just tanks v tanks is fine but planes are extremely gay, and not to mention how little you have to try for em, anyways bushes are horrid for how they ruin a newer players chance to identify your tank or even know where abouts to shoot, but i guess as long as the snail gets money its Fine. anyways, im at around 5.0 in germany, ussr, britain, sweden and china which should i go for? im sorta flip flopping between sweden and germany cus germany has sorta fun tanks and sweden has very silly and fun tanks, but i also have the 8.3 obj 122mt and the wma 301 at 8.7 in china so technically i could grind that a bit, a true predicament ive found myself in

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Play some UK air, you’ll love it

or Japan air

Plane? suck? it’s the best, go play ARB, that’s the best fun you’ll ever have in WT.

i despise all plane players and all planes, nothing will make me enjoy them, playing air is like playing israel, almost the only improvements you see are you losing the biplanes, and then getting jets, besides that its exactly like israel, you get a minimally better engine or maybe even a whole 2 new 7.62mm or maybe even 12.7mm machine guns, Isnt that novel. No, i dont count cas as anything real as its just a ploy by big snail to give people kills for not trying.

as ive said probably a whole 2 times before, playing air israel isnt my idea of fun, sure i have to accept that theres some skill to planes, with the whole conservation of momentum thing and knowing when to strike, etc, etc. that only applies to air battles, not my grudge area of grb, my idea of fun is seeing constant improvement, which you do in tanks, unless youre playing israel, then its like air.