Plane Render problem is back

What is it? Enemy planes will not render properly unless you can ping them with your radar.

This bug was fixed a year or so ago by Gaijin because it started showing up in RB Ground Forces and ruining SPAA (New modern planes could bomb from 10km+ and SPAA could not see them as they did not render, they flew above radar ping - higher than 45 degree), it’s back now for SB Air it seems.

Notice how the trail is odd and randomly gets thinner halfway? That is me turning the radar on and off to restart the trail. The enemy goes completely invisible when my radar is off.

its their anti-cheat being garbo. Nice to know this isn’t a me-exclusive issue


Had this issue as well, very annoying to see it back…AGAIN!

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It was ever fixed?

Partially in last 10 months because this problem was ruining GRB. Modern jets could straight fly up after airspawn and with no radar ping they don’t render, around time of gr7 domination with gbu. Mig27k, gr7 etc would be able to spot and clear all spaa on map without them even seeing where bomb is coming from…

Ah fair enough. In ASB ive always had issues with spotting targets as enemies will just be invisible to a certain point

the way rendering is handled to deal with cheaters is such a pain in the ass, even in ground battles you can see stuff popping in and out of existence if you have a good enough optic, easy anti cheat is made fun of due to how bad it actually is, any proper anti cheat is not allowed on steam since they are intrusive and scan actively for cheats and the like

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Really pisses me off while using ADATS or Lavad as without radar slaving
Or even a radar to begin with
trying to spot a plane that is going invisible when it wants to is a pain in the ass

No one talking about the weird clouds trail that renders at once, showing exactly where the plane came from( easily shows enemies and allies) and the fact that, in lower graphic settings, the dots(planes) that twinkle are always enemies

It sounds like your talking about contrails which is a feature that was added awhile back
Just get to a lower altitude if you really dont want to be producing a contrail

As for the twinkle thing im not sure what that is

Ill check again about the contrails, I might have been too shocked when I saw them pup on the map… As for the twinkle thing: at long distances, friendly planes dissapear and reaper way less often than enemies. In dogfights at certain distances, you can easily identify the enemy, ill try to post a video showing it soon

In VR it’s much worse as even when you spot a plane you can only see a tiny 3 pixel dot until you’re up his nose.

I haven’t seen a difference with toggling the radar on and off I’ll have to try that sometime.


Yes, that has happened to me too several times lately