Piston VS jet

is absolutely asinine. Shouldn’t be happening prove me wrong.

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Lol what? Most props can easily fight jets. Anything at 6.7 or 7.0 is plenty capable. Well that’s excluding bombers like the B29 and TU-4. But that’s beside the point. Any prop fighter that the mentioned BR’s can out dogfight the jets they see, they can keep up with most, if not all of them in a straight line and some even in a dive. They also can climb about as well if not better. The only jets that most props that can’t handle, that can see them on their own, are F86’s and Mig-15’s but that’s in a full uptier.

Oh and from the historical standpoint it happened in real life. In conflicts like WW2 and Korea. You know the era of both the props that see jets in game and the era of jets that see props in game.

Consider yourself proved wrong :)


There are no props that can face the mig-15/f-86 besides the b29/Tu-4

Did they move all the 7.0 props down? I must have been misinformed that the Spitfire Mk24 was still 7.0

I believed the moved the spitfire to 6.7 but you point still stands. Great work proving him wrong. lol

They thankfully moved the Mk24 down to 6.7. But only after the entire community pointed out that F-86/Mig-15 vs Mk24 was probably kinda stupid


Yeah I had to go look real fast.

Lmao thanks😂

Lol yeah.

Though it was the only British aircraft htey moved down, still waiting for all the other korean war era jets to get moved down like the F-86 and Mig-15 was. but hasnt happened yet.

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But i like destroying top tier jets with my 4.3 :(

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I mean thing like F-80 and F-84 and most 7.0-7.7 jets are Korean war era. But I get what your saying. I hope they don’t move anymore down. It’ll just clutter up that BR and anyone trying to play 7.0 jets will get constant up tiers bc people using those later era aircraft to dog on them

Gotta move that yak-3 to 12.7 where it belongs 😂

The main one im pissed about was the Hunter F1. But others are annoyed by things like the Venom not moving down and Javelin would be nice too

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I don’t play Britain jets, but I’ve heard all about them and how/why people are upset and I understand why they’re upset

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I too love compression!

F-80 and F-84 both heavily predate korea, korea is more so F-86/MiG-15

P-80 flew during ww2

There were at least 10 F-80c squadrons in Korea during the Korean war. Remember that the F-80 was the main fighter for the US Air Force at the beginning of the Korean war. With the f-86 slowly rolling in at the end of 1950 and beginning of 1951. The last f-80 squadron in Korea was transitioned to f-86s in 1953.

As for the f-84. It flew over 85,000 combat missions during the Korean war and was responsible for over 60% of ground kills during the war. They are very much Korean war era aircraft.

Now with that all being said. Both were pretty much relegated to secondary roles due to the superiority of the mig-15. But they both did serve distinguishedly during the Korean war. And technically the yp-80a flew during world war II as a reconnaissance plane over Italy early 1945. This was a pre-production aircraft. The production models weren’t delivered to stateside units until July 1945. With none of the production models seeing any roles during world war II.

Yeah but the jet is still ww2 tech and was flown then, it was just used into the next war like most equipment.

As is the f-86. They all were competing for the same contract in 1944/45. It’s just that the p-80 and the f-84 were further along in development.

It’s not THAT bad. Against early jets like MiG-9s and 262s, a good prop presents a tough opponent. Its only when you get into F-80Cs and stuff like that with much better engines that props really become obsolete.