Pillbox target rewards are a joke

Why do pillbox kills give so little rewards? Much worse than light pillboxes which can be easily gunned down.

In Spain map for example, a pillbox kill gives 20 RP while a medium tank or light pillbox would give 70 RP


I imagine its one of the thousands of oversights that gaijin has left in the game


Sounds like a case for a bug report

Go for air AI, if you manage to clear all in one sortie you are looking at 2-4000 score (and whatever that relates to in SL/RP dependant on all in game factors). They also reduce ticket bleed and in some maps push the game points to halfway on about 5 minutes.

Ground target rewards were reduced a year or two ago, as per some update.

You can singlehandedly win the match with killing pillboxes because how fast they deplete tickets. Who cares how many RP they give. If you want to research vehicles play fighters or bombers. They will give you better rewards for their actions.

Unfortunately score isn’t really used for RP/SL calculations beyond activity so killing the AI doesn’t do a whole lot for you.

Who cares how many RP they give.

Literally everybody? Winning in WT does you no favors beyond the RP/SL gain buff and that doesn’t matter if your base earnings suck because a heavy pillbox gives 10rp

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I think you will find AI air give quite a boon in SL and RP. I spaded every German strike aircraft (air spawn head start) using the strategy of hitting the attackers first and then whatever (usually going for players).

I found ground targets, outside of certain maps, give a lot less RP/SL and so unless I am able to stay on those untouched they are the least attractive targets after bases.

Tunisia is the most extreme example of AI air. How quick it can be achieved and the impact on the battle (and speed of spading).

I do kill AI jets in air RB at the higher BRs when I’m stock grinding mods. It doesn’t work that well up there, doesn’t give much reward. I don’t know if that’s a different thing at the lower BRs. It probably is.

Ah, good to know as only went as far as 8.0 and was really 3.7-5.7 using the AI trick so might well be different. Though I’d say due to the speed of planes and the lower action meta of jets (from my limited take) I can see why AI air becomes less prosperous.

Old forum had a great chart of earnings per action for all modes.

If you have any idea where that chart is and could point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it, if you don’t know or don’t feel like digging thats cool

Had a quick look but no luck so far. Hopefully I bookmarked it on my desktop so will check there later. I’d linked it in a few different topics but can never remember which.

Could not find it but now we have the much more detailed after battle reports. At least earnings are more visible.

I was wrong about earnings from AI air, but still worthwhile since it also slows ticket loss (noticebly more on some maps).