Pick me! pick me! can i play too?

been trying to get in a match for 3 hours now.

Skill issue.


Did you try turning it off and then back on?


absolutely. gotta be that.

uh, yes. and i watched the players online number go from 120,000 to over 180,000. all while i couldn’t play. i guess no one wants me on their team anymore.

What type of game? Sim?

Perhaps bad hour and very specific game type…or some server/bug issue?

BTW…WHO waits for 3h? I stop at 5min…if it happens twice in a row i go do something else…(it is rare and i usually chalk it to server issues)

here we go again! for two hours now. Watching the player count go up by 40k and here i am watching the little thingy go around. rank 4 air arcade. Just wanted to take out a couple american heavies for kicks and giggles and i can’t even get in a mission to be a target. fun stuff.

People play arcade?

It’s the most played game mode by a rather large margin.