Phantom F4S Radar missiles Lost Lock

Hi guys, i know the Phantom radar its not the best in this B.R but this is extremly ridiculous , every single time when i lock enemy and shoot my radar missile after second or two i still lost my lock … when i have a lock on enemy more then 20 km away its not a problem for a radar holding a lock a rly long time but when i shoot my missile every single time i lost the lock i have sooo small number of kills with my radar AIM-7F Sparrow … i still have 4 of them but for what reason , to every 5th game when every god standing with me the missile hits someone… I dont believe the radar on Phantom works correclty. Im trying my best every single game. But i miss 4 radar sparrows and im dead … Im watching youtube vids how to play with F4S when guys whitout any problem kills with sparrow but me ? I lost lock and missile hit the ground or explodes in the air . I hope im not only one with this problem …

What radar modes are you using, are your enemies chaffing/notching

TRK PD HDN , nope imagine enemy flying straight whitout chaffing or making turns first lock its nice clear then i fired my missile and lock its gone … then i try lock him again and its not working … when im using ACM same problem…

I’d have to see a clip of what is happening to see what the problem is,

dont shoot at Migs rofl… Seriously tho when F-4J came out it of course had a convienent bug that wouldnt lock Mig-23’s…and only those any other aircraft was fine so your prob facing a possible bug which every Sparrow missile occasionally gets so hang in it will prob be fixed eventually

I rly dont have a problem with Mig 23 to lock ,i have problem with every type of Jet in this game its problem about radar . And i hope they fix it bcs i lost my 70 euros for not working bullshit …

F4J has the same radar and it works fine.

F4j/s radar only works in headons, don’t shoot side or tail aspect cuz it will prolly lose lock.

MiG radar gets MTI which works in all aspects and is just better. (At the cost of being locked out above ~1600 meters agl)

Also don’t shoot targets low to the ground because mutipathing is implemented bad and no radar missile will ever hit a target below 20 meters agl

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Thanks bro . Im just soo exhausted playing F4S … I come back to my Mig 29 and im soo happy again bcs im only dying with F4S … 70 euros spend for nothing . Its just not a jet with this bullshit radar for me :)

just load it full of bombs and destroy bases if you just wanna grind with it.

It’s kind of funny how little have the YouTubers games in common with reality…
I suspect that they pretty much all of them play on custom servers…
Maybe phly plays with us ordinary people, but others obviously have a completly different gaming experience, that they promote.

On YouTube they sell it to you as good but it is garbage in which the tier that literally occupies 11.3 for a blind radar and a delayed missile is not worth it since 95% of the games are against f16c f14 and mig 29 when The radar it has is literally useless for those games.

It would be nice if they recommended the f5 before this garbage