Petition: To remove Pantsir from game

Well is there anything else to say? This thing has to be removed from game.


Or, bear with me here, stop flying in a straight line at 7km up.

Really hard concept to grasp, I’m aware myself, but it’s really not that hard to actively dodge pantsir missiles from range and that’s coming from an american main lol.

I used to believe the Pantsir was broken, now it’s just strong. A large part of why I changed this belief was I stopped used aircraft that couldn’t maneuver well, like the F-4s and A-series of attackers. I’ve been flinging GBUs with the F-15A for the past few months with only a handful of instances where Pantsirs get the best of me, in fact I more often die to Flarakrads and ItOs.

TL;DR, try using different aircraft if you can. If you’re stuck with something and cant access other aircraft, then try to hug the ground, launch your missile or bomb or whatever and go back to hugging. Lame strategy but it works


Remove, no, maybe de-buff it. Also, you can’t petition a private company to do shit.


No, we need stronger SPAA for all ten tech trees including Soviets.


Never been much of an issue when flying the Mirage-2000D… It’s actually kinda balanced. If they are good and aware of me they won’t have much trouble shooting me down, but if I play carefully and prepare my approach it’s usually an easy kill. It’s Imo a balanced vehicle against planes. Can’t say against Heli, but Heli are very hard to play well Imo.

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I guess may as well remove everything that challenges you and makes you use your brain…🤦 Pantsir is fine, I used to hate, now I see the need for it since more CAS planes are coming it with more GBU/ASM/AGM with longer range than the Pantsir lol


It has double the range and quadruple the range of search radar, no matter how you twist or turn it, there is nothing remotely equal.

No it does not need to be removed from game. Pantsir is necessary for Russia 11.7 lineup to defend itself from the air


No, it isn’t necessary. The Pantsir is better than all other top tier SPAA by miles (the only one that is close is the USSR 2.0 - sorry, Chinese TOR-M1). I mean nothing else in game has its ready rack capacity (or amount of ammo in general), its range, or its massive amount of radar angle (outside of USSR 2.0’s TOR-M1). Not to mention the US, Great Britain, Italy, and Israel are stuck with 10.3 BR missile SPAAs (except for Italy, which is at 9.7). It’s just blatantly not needed in game, or at the very least should not be in game until all of the other nations get their top tier SPAA.

“Oh ye gods, Britain has something good for once, the horror!”


Russia doesnt have the best CAS options at top tier so its fair

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Sure, but this restriction is asymmetric and only applies to the team that is against the USSR and it’s Pantsir.

Either the Pantsir should be removed, OR other nations receive SPAA of equivalent capability…

It has some of the best CAS options in the game, and the so-called best (F-16C) still has to get within locking range of most top tier SPAA (and Russia just get a Su-25 variant that outranges all non-Russian SPAA…).

I thought that was against the ToS

Thinking about removing a vehicle from the game, just because it causes you problems, without knowing that there are ways to destroy it, is a bad idea. There are more and more players asking to remove something from the game.


It shouldn’t exist in the game until other nations have equivalents, it’s one of the most unbalanced and skewed power differences in the game.

Sure, remove SU-25K or A-6E TRAM, deal?

It’s better remove Pantsir and add TOR-M1, now as someone said, TOR-M1 is one of the best SPAA at toptier, why not use TOR-M1? I’m pretty sure Russia players are happy to get a better SPAA right?

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Remove both, they’re both way better than any SPAA Gaijin has added for NATO