Petition: To remove Pantsir from game

No, CAS is annoying.

Pantsir needs to stay unless we also remove CAS that has thermals and guided munitions. I play CAS, pantsir is a mild annoyance. What needs to be done is give other nations their air defence systems, where they exist. Such as Sky Sabre.

Why? Russia just got a 20km TV guided bomb, there’s no reason to remove GBU’s. No one besides the USSR and USSR 2.0 (China) have good SPAAs, though.

Not to mention that GBU’s have a max range of 13km (when targeting something moving), which is close enough to the 12km maximum range of Germany’s, France’s, and Sweden’s SPAA to be fair. From that, there would only be 6 nations that are ‘outranged’ by more than 1km, and only three of them would be outranged by more than 3km (Israel, China, and Italy).

The situation now, however, is that every nation’s SPAA besides Russia (so 9 nations) is outranged by more than 3km by Russian guided bombs. Removing Pantsir, TOR-M1, and the Su-25SM3’s 20km guided bombs would actually be the most fair option.

Or u can add more spaa to other nations and add more cas missiles so other planes are op not just the su 25sm3 with the KH38 :))

play helicopter and learn to play it good an u can kill easy aa but only down side aa is always at spawn point so if u kil dot go up lern to wait and timing tactic to hide and so on

Ah yes, use Discussion to whine about 1 AA. Cause you haven’t been able to figure how to combat it.

I’ve been killed by pantsir when I’m 12km away at 8km altitude flying perpendicular in a 16C

Were you maneuvering? Or just flying and occasionally changing direction

So with that logic, shouldn’t it not be a problem to fly against other country’s SPAA? Considering they’re not of “equivalent capability.”

Tracking and killing are very different things.

I wish I was on PC to post a picture of how aids the pansir is to use after the recent updates. Having tws makes it worse, to the point an entire screen can turn green from the clutter, and also the missile semk automatically swaps lock and targeting, with manual mode being non existent.

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Sometimes i really question the patience of this community

A good argument has tangible proofs to explain WHY the devs must change the state of a certain vehicle. Proofs like video recordings and so on.

But no,a rant/bait is the perfect thing to gain traction.

In all honesty,i bet that you bought a premium (A-10 or A-6E+M1A1) or you play other non-russian combos. Still,you do some kills to spawn a plane with GBUs ans start flying straight without even releasing CM,and get pissed for the fact that a SPAA does what it was created for.

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It completly shuts down CAS. Except highly mobile platforms with F&F weapons, like F-16C. I really wan’t to use my Tornado again in ground forces.

For this Pantsir needs to go. Its pointless to have all these nice strike aircraft ingame, when they can’t do anything. And that for 800 spawn points…

My opinion can be biased since i mostly play AB (therefore i don’t have a custom loadout for planes,they simply spawn with dumb bombs),but i can suggest you a neat tactic

Nowadays,GRB Top Tier only uses GBUs because they’re extremely precise,but the offset is that you must lase the target until the bomb lands,meaning you must be at a medium-high altitude,therefore being the perfect prey for SPAA

Now,all of the planes that are in top tier have a bomb CCIP,so you have the good ol’ reticle at your disposal.
Load into a plane with dumb/retarded bombs and start flying very low,hugging the ground basically. By doing that, IRST can’t lock you (it can’t differentiate between the ground and you) and even radars can properly lock you,hell probably they even can’t track you since you’re too close to the ground.

If you’re fast enough,and low enough,and know where the SPAA is (99% of the time they’re static),you surprise attack them by dropping a pair of bombs.

You need to be very skilled tho,and also very lucky,but overall it’s more consistent to do that instead of evading missiles like you’re Emmett Tullia.

I use this tactic in GAB since you spawn at 4-5 km from the map,so if you fly straight or even maneuver,you’re food for SPAA

Most nations don’t even get a chance to track the things the Pantsir is trying to kill.

We will not remove “put vehicle name here” from game.
If you want to discuss specific vehicle, please use Machinery of War section (and most probably already created thread on vehicle you want to discuss).