Petition to remove nametags from 11.0+ air RB?

I’m sure many pilots of top tier Air RB will agree on 1 thing. Nametags suck for top tier air. The spotting system is absolutely broken, making a whole team spot you when a single person or even a single bot(!) spots you, which makes it extremely frustrating to play.

Personally I feel like we should focus more on learning about radar sets, knowing how to identify an enemy on radar or using your radar to sneak up on your enemies. This would massively change the current IR meta, where people just throw IR missiles at the first target they see, because of the one guy who spotted the target. But it will also require more awareness, keeping your eyes out for incoming IR missiles or pre-flaring while dogfighting because you won’t know if the enemy has friendlies to help them, but at least you now know that you won’t have to be as aware because nobody else sees you, most likely.

Note that even BVR missiles get affected by this, since people will also just lock up the first target they see and throw missiles out at the target which now has to defend against tons of IR and RG missiles.

I feel like a possible replacement for the spotting system could be some sort of simplified IFF system, where the RWR will show either the standard green blip for a friendly or a red one for an enemy.

Also Gaijin could possibly add an AWACS aircraft, which will add another mission to the battle for a bit of variety.

Either way I’m not great at making ideas like many other members of the community, and I’d love to see another people’s take on the matter. Also I’d like to add a pol to see people’s opinion on whether nametags should be removed or not. in my opinion something has to be done, because despite all the new shiny top tier vehicles, they’re incredibly boring to play as no skill is required.


You already have mode that is called SBEC.


Yeah, where you have to play in the cockpit and realistically need a joystick, totally the same as what OP suggested, great observation my guy


I am all in for the same “Name Tag” System you’ve got in GRB.

Friendly’s got a Tag, Enemy’s don’t, they will be just a “Dot” till you can identify them for yourself as you close the Distance.

GRB has just become way to much “arcadish”.


I’m not sure why they didn’t do it that way tbh, why are nametags enabled for everyone? I can see enemies from 40km away at times.

As someone else said, SB is completely different. Especially with like the 20 people that play it and then you need a stick and some form of headtracking to be competitive. “Realistic battles” should be realistic, not simulative


Oh the humanity! 🙄

Mouse-joy actually does a good job of emulating joystick play. Try something different, you might actually like it.

You figure I haven’t tried? You’re at a massive dissadvantage without a joystick and some sort of headtracking. And not to mention, so little people play SB, especially at specific BR’s, and even if they do, it’s just like all the Phantoms bombing in top tier. It’s extremely boring considering you know their exact position every single match because all the objectives are eight in the middle of the map. This is why intercepting on an EC map is actually great for both players. It requires awareness.

And the entire point of my post was to make RB fun again. RB has been stuck in this boring loop since the very beginning now, it’s a prime time tor Gaijin to try aomething else considering they listened to the players with the roadmap. This could be a great step for a possible roadmap ror 2024.

I’m tired and done with this “Git gud, do it somewhere else;” mentality. It’s exactly why we don’t get new gamemodes, because you can’t get out of your little comfort zone…

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I don’t like where this is going.

Spotting system is bad enough as it is, let’s not add to the nonsense

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I play with just keyboard and mouse, I don’t have any problems with competitiveness, I can throw my Phantom around enough to win a 1v1 with a MiG-23. You don’t need a stick for SB, only if you have a skill issue. Removing nametags from RB will be a horrible idea because the amount of teamkilling will be incredible, many aircraft like Phantoms, don’t get IFF on their PD/PDV radar mode, so you
A: Won’t be able to pick anyone up
B: Won’t be able to identify friend or foe because of mixed matchmaking.

We already had this system in place a long while ago.
Was clearly more engaging and fun in realistic as this tuned down arcade 2.0 we have now.

There are options in the menu to disable enemy nametags, have at it

Good idea, but the spotting system for dots has to be improve:

At clear sky i can see plane, exhaust smoke and contrail at a higher distance than in the game. And see an afterburning jet through a whole cloud is a joke since years…
In my childhood i saw Phantoms at 30km airline as dot and the smoke of the engine crystal clear…

Another idea, the actual spotting system with tags reduced in range of your HUD Radar. so target prioritization is still possible.

The whole spotting system, even in current state, has to improve for jets. It’s terrible planes “uncloak” sometimes within very short range (ie. 700m behind you, sometimes even closer, or < 3km in front of you for whatever reason - even on ace crew). If there would be no enemy tags, you’ll be nearly entirely blind, because even “dots” don’t always appear, and quite honestly I don’t wanna dirty my monitor with my nose to see a little grey pixel somewhere which could be capable to shove a missile up my behind at any moment.

And besides that, maps are too small, timer too short, and way too many players in a single mission, for any type of “strategic gameplay”.

WT is arcade type of combat sim when it comes to RB.


oh no air rb used to be better pre T-2 when one map ruined the fun since it was airspawn for japan, there used to be maps where protecting ground units would get you an airfield closer to the battlefield, now it is just same cookie cutter boring mode with 4 bases same units and pillboxes

If you wanted to remove nametags, you would have to remove them from all of air rb and not just top tier. You would also have to turn teamkilling off due to the large amount of captured/lend lease aircraft in game.