Petition to punish passive behaving players (such as airfield campers) after a minimum of 5 complaints

I’ve just came from a game on j5n1 where I killed 6 people and then i was searching for two players: a clipped israeli spitfire and an attacker fw190. Thing is, I’ve popped an avenger order when I went back to the map and saw them two taking off from the small airfield and climbing up to 3k circling around the small and the larger airfield and diving back whenever I got close. I had to drag them away to be able to kill them, in the span of around 5-7 minutes. I eventually managed to crit the clipped spitfire (which for some reason these are some of the most plot armor based props in the entire game) but that spitfire still managed to absolutely cripple my aircraft. The fw190 was following it very closely as if they were tag teamming me.

This is not a good way to reward The Unskilled® by doing the least effort possible to win the game by just letting it play itself and make the players that make an effort on learning and carrying just become completely useless.

Because this is a common issue that affects everyone with more than three neurons working together i suggest in the name of everyone that there should be a punishment for passive behavior after 5 reviewed complaints of verified rat behavior. For example loss of silver lions, research penalty, or even getting kicked off battleground if they don’t do any activity.


After 10 complaints in a certain period of time, a warning is shown to the player that tells them why they were reported. This means nothing. unless it starts to happen frequently.

As for AF camping, I believe that AA should only be active when there is a plane landed on the runway, this would prevent people from abusing it while flying.

However kicking people who don’t have any score will lead to lots of slower/unlucky players being kicked due to how gaijin calculates score.

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well, starting from the fact that the least effort you make in the game the better you grind, makes a lot of sense, your idea is a better implementation. let’s keep the Lazygrind® going then.

You downed 6 other players and you complain about the other two not putting their neck out for you to snap?


no, i could have missed the spitfire perfectly and gotten killed by it in the middle of the map perfectly. The time they invested circling around the airfield at 3km could have been invested to climb over me and leave me with no chances by skirting the map.

You probably don’t know what reporting looks like. One guy will bump up your tank and his entire squadron will report you with everything they can.

if gajin staff peeps the replay to see… don’t they read when you say to chinese “zhong guo ren tou yang”?