Personal offers (vehicle discounts) appearing in game now?

I logged into WT this afternoon and was immediately greeted by a personal offer - a 30% discount on the 2S38. Offer was good for 3 hours. When did WT start doing this?


Years and years ago?

It’s a slicker UI, but I’ve gotten vehicle discounts on login ever since I first started playing quite awhile back.

Wow. Been playing this game since 2012 and I’ve never seen this sort of thing. I’ve gotten the discounts on premium vehicles from the daily login roulette wheel like you, but this was different. I got this offer and I still got the daily login award (Day 2901 and all I got was a 10% RP booster for all friendlies. LOL). And the 3 hour time limit on the discount? I can’t help but think this is something new/different from what we’ve been seeing over the last 11 years. Either that or I’m stupendously unlucky if others have been getting this same sort of limited time offer and this is the first time I’ve seen it in 11 years… but that’s certainly a possibility.

I’ve never seen this.

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The roulette ones are what I’m talking about. This is functionally the exact same thing as that, just with a different UI.

I’ve gotten two since the anniversary. They just randomly pop up after a match for me.

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I guess I’m not a good communicator… What I’m saying is that I got this discount offer and then I still got the roulette wheel afterwards. The mechanics behind it may work the same way, but I’ve never gotten two roulette spins before this morning (assuming these are even the same thing) for a single login. So at least that part is surely new, regardless of the presentation of the functionality. Does that make sense? I’m not really sure how else to describe it.

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So perhaps it’s something new that Gaijin implemented as part of the 11th anniversary? That makes sense… maybe it was mentioned in a dev blog somewhere and I missed it? Or maybe it’s one of those stealth QoL improvements. :) Either way, it’s pretty cool.

Only discounts I have ever gotten were for low BR vehicles, I must have gotten the He 112 discount at least 20 times.

Mark me cynical but I don’t find FOMO manipulation tactics to be QoL improvements.


Yeah, agreed. That’s why I included the old-school smiley face. Sometimes I miss the emojis from the old forums.

wow, i am playing quite a few years now - 5% discount i receive very frequently, never had 30%

Watching the JeanClodVonShot stream right now and another Twitch viewer said they got the same offeer screen, but the offer they got was 50% off the Khalid. Seems to be a thing now.

I only ever get offered 5% off and I never use these discounts, I guess I am just an ungrateful person :-)

No it is not.

The one is a bonus you get from doing sth. Just like a post match crate.

This is a bonus given to you whenever gaijin feels like you have not spend enough in the past year or so.

People who spend nothing will get occasional offers for cheap stuff. People who spend more get the betetr stuff offered to them.
It is essentially just an extension of their “Welcome back” and “Do you still remember us” E-Mail offers.

Hmm… I spent a pretty decent chunk of change during the first part of the 11th Anniversary sales when the in-game premiums and TT vehicles were 50% off. Used GE to spade some vehicles I didn’t want to grind, too. (I know, I know…). And spent some GE to ace some crews while I was at it. probably close to ~30K GE spent in the last 2-3 weeks as I’ve been waiting for this sale since before summer. If your take it correct, maybe the list of “please come back and spend money!” offer recipients was generated a few months ago?

I don’t recall ever getting one. Also those rare 90% discounts. Maybe you need to have a lot of GE on your name to be applicable for them

There are definitely specific circumstances to get certain rewards, it’s not random.

I never get discounts 😭

I think it’s just bait for people that they know spend money in it. If you don’t ever spend anything, I bet you probably wont see these.