Personal offers (vehicle discounts) appearing in game now?

It is another aggressive advertisement to sell premium vehicles, let’s see if it works and we can get some euros.

I’ve had a few of these over the last couple of weeks now, but the vehicles are now being bundled with boosters and SL which I don’t want.

For example…

Vehicle on it’s own I’d consider, if I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the 50% off sales

The vehicle alone would be a good offer, that’s why you don’t get it… every single one of these offers suck but people want to insist Gaijin knows what they’re doing.

Gaijin please stop these ridiculous and insulting personal offers.
Do you really think players can’t count?
Do you really rely on people’s stupidity to make money?
And by the way, fire the people who proposed and validated these offers.
Thank you.

How can you get these offers?

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Yesterday I had an offer for premium time and when I closed it, the game was still advertising the offer on the side panel right above my daily missions. Ecch.