Performing a side slip in a prop (RB and Sim)

Hey Guys, i wanted to get into the journey of learning how to perform a hidari-hineri-komi so i can have another fun manuver in my arsenal but to even attend that journey i will have to figure out how to perform a slide slip first.
( flight controls - What is the difference between a forward slip and a side slip? - Aviation Stack Exchange )
(Anatomy of a slip - AOPA)
Could anyone show me that either on a clipped video or on discord? any help is appreciated.

Right aileron and left rudder or left aileron and right rudder to slip the aircraft (lose altitude without gaining too much speed).

Technically a “Side Slip” (as defined in your source) isn’t possible in WT because we don’t have wind.

I’m sure I’ve done it in videos but not a specific video for it. You can check out all my videos here (good luck):