Performance of AIM-7 after update

The AIM-7M and F’s performance is bad after the update, is it a bug or nerf?

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Explain what you mean by “bad”

Radar lock air target, kill ground target with AIM7, that kinda bad.


Unless my last handful of air sim battles were just loaded with wall to wall cheaters who negated my missiles or radar or both, the AIM-7M has become dead weight.

Absolutely no justification to carry them. I’ve made only 2 kills with this missile since the update. No thanks.


Yeah they’re not good for anything except sub-5km headons at the moment, which Aim 9Ms are already better at anyways.


Radar missiles not working as before. Radar in f16c most cases have difficult time to lock on new planes.

Su27 can drop rada lock on head-on from less than 6km flying high.


Can’t lock and hitting ground or explode for no reason, already tried in most situations but still having this kind of issue


Just tried them after the minor patch that nerfed the Gripen’s turnrate, yeah, the Aim 7M is completely unusable, somebody is going to have to submit a bug report because outside of test flights, I haven’t been able to replicate a successful hit with them under any circumstamces.

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The 7M/F seem to hold lock really poorly currently. Would not be surprised if they micro nerfed the sparrow because the AMRAAM is coming early 2024.


I’ve primarily flown the Su-27 since the update and im fairly sure they nerfed radar missiles, for some reason the N001 Radar or the R-27ER itself is being spoofed by chaff in a 5km rear aspect shot or just flat out misses easy shots that ive hit with the MiG-29s
Ive only really noticed this in the past 2 days

7M’s are just all around horrible at the moment. wouldnt even bother taking them. F15 with 9m’s is all we got this update basically. disappointing to say the least especially when the F16 can already carry 2 more 9m’s and is better in a dogfight which is how close you have to be to even be effective with 9m’s in the F15 anyways, kind of regret wasting the silver lions on it atm… merry christmas from gaijin i guess


Sparrows are completely bugged since this update. It will go in random directions even with a proper lock


Agreed, the phantoms are now basically useless all around since they don’t crit anymore.

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I dodged an Aim7F from 3km in the F104G. That should tell you everything you need to know.

When you fire the sparrow in the headon it will lose its mind harder than an R73 that spun out while thrust vectoring. Below 3km completely useless. Whiffs the instant an enemy turns out 45 degrees and chaffs once, even if the radar maintains hard lock throughout.

I found the best performance firing from 10km+ but even then all the target has to do is pretend to notch and the missile loses its mind.

Meanwhile the ER always tracks. game is clearly biased towards the hype nation of the patch and that’s russia.


It’s not just the Aim-7. The 9M has been acting up as well


I wonder how much of this is placebo.

I attributed AIM-7Ms not working very well due to the current meta of the sub 2,000m IR furball. My R-27ERs haven’t been tracking well at this altitude either.