People will still 1 death leave. The issue was never repair costs

I can only speak from my past experiences with FIFA but that game was basically ruined by throwing people of different skill classes into a match and aiding the losing player with the momentum effect that was compareable to granting bad players in War Thunder wallhack because otherwise the devs deemed it would be too much P2W and unenjoyable. SBMM really had nothing to do with. Many successful games like Counter Strike strife from ranked plays which are basically SBMM.

I guess the ability to provide proper arguments just isn´t given to everyone…


The fact that FIFA is a Pay to fast game it has to do with how the game progression and SBMM works against your progression, if you wanted to consistently get the top rated players throuought the year, you had to get into FUT champions, and to be at the highest rank possible to claim decent rewards, FUT Champions is a competitive mode with SBMM.
You don’t like how it works? You can always buy a degen amount of packs and get over the grind and play casual modes, but those were the only ways to get the top stuff there.

You were probably scrolling through the casual modes, as FIFA is known for having SBMM in competitive modes as FUT Champions or Division Rivals.

yeah… Handicap is a totally different matter tbf lol.

Have you ever considered that CS:GO/CS2 and Valorant were conceived as static games with little to no introduction of gamechanging mechanics every year? The only category of games where SBMM is useful is for hypercompetitive, round-based shooters where changes to the core concepts are the exception and not the rule, everyone knows the maps, timings, weapon values and the economy cycle.

You can’t rationally expect that matchmaker to work on anything that has a playerpool and servers to hold them.


Because you did that? Get over yourself

Okay but like
Can we just remove repair costs tho

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Thank goodness these situations are rare. 12 vs 15 is pretty nasty.
One of the things that really bothers me here is that the battle is already decided for most people and they play accordingly.
Three players were guarding the spawn from the start. Others are then of course out of the battle after a vehicle, can you blame them?
It’s the chain reaction that kicks in when a battle starts like this. I stayed myself because I don’t care anymore and I’ve learnt to get my points even in such situations, as far as possible.
Basically, we are all confronted with a situation where a battle is sometimes decided less by the skills of the players and more by the mental stability of the players.
On the other hand, I’m happy to experience battles where some players really throw everything they have into the fight.

Game is build around grind and not gameplay. Gaijin will never do anything about ODL as it plays into their hands by making gameplay more frustrating for some players and it is increasing chance for spending GE to skip stuff.

In my opinion lack of player options is main issue. As player you have no control what map you will play which means being put on map you do not enjoy will not motivate you spawn more than once. Also lack of game modes. I am not going to take more than one tank in my lineup as I simply do not want to deal with CAS.

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Yesterday I went into a Realistic Battle as I hadn’t tried since I 1st tried the game. I went in with rank 4 German planes and I had over SL150,000. After about 4 mins I was shot down and instead of letting me re-spawn, the only choice the game gave me was to return to the hanger.

I take it some of the players slated me for being a 1 death quitter, but if the game won’t let me re-spawn, then it isn’t me that quit… it was the game that made me quit because I was not allowed to play anymore.

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It sounds more like you were playing Air RB than Ground RB. This thread is only about Ground RB. Air RB is one life game mode. If you want more lives in Air, you can play Air AB or SB.


Yes the bullshit of ODL in TDL game