Pe-8 in ship arcade battle

Well, having a guy spamming 4000 kg bombs in arcade battle from an altitude just above the range of the ship AAA seems to be unfair to me. Being destroyed by a plane doesn’t bother me usually. But here, we can just do nothing. Moreover, it’s so effective that he can spend more time in his bomber than in a ship. So, it would be nice to find a solution to this situation. Maybe removing the 4000 kg payload from the Pe-8 in ship arcade battle would fix that problem or imposing to reload from the airfield.


The Pe-8 is OP once it gets the FAB5000, especially as it combines with the strongest 4.3 naval lineup, but forcing unique nerfs on specific vehicles is setting a very bad predecent.

Why not just a BR increase like every other troublesome beast gets (or should get)? At 4.7 it would face far more potent AA from more ships.

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This is a stellar example of why I prefer RB for Naval. Honestly, a pretty sizable chunk of the difference between the two is simply “planes are massively more OP in AB”, with the crazy physics and reloading ordnance.

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Or maybe like in tank arcade, gaijin could only propose the use of random planes instead of planes in your line-up

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I would prefer the opposite, in that I play AB for tanks and would prefer to have my own planes there. Adding a time limit to planes like Tank AB, or simply disabling ordnance reloads would solve the problem.

So you’re mad that a high altitude level bomber is leveraging it’s altitude in order to avoid AA fire? Good lord, stop trying to halt the use of everything that may kill you. What was the lineup you took? Did it have any ships with radar and HE-VT or HE Time Fuse shells for AA? Those prop bombers cannot get out of the range of main batteries designed for anti-air use.


You can get above the altitude where the AI AAA can “see” and shoot at you. You can manually aim, but then your main batteries don’t fire…

Like spawn a fighter and go shoot his ass down?

If you see a PE-8 coming you should be building steam and maneuvering. It takes over 30 seconds for a bomb to fall 4K m.

You are rude. Of course I took a plane after that to chase him. But at this moment he stayed under his team AAA cover so it was impossible to reach him. Secondly, when you have a big ship, you can’t escape his bomb, even if you maneuver. You can’t deny it, even in realistic tank battle people can’t escape a FAB 5000. So, can you imagine a 100 m long ship dodging that bomb ? If only a part of your hull is within the explosion radius, you are dead. And please, next time I would appreciate if you could avoid the condescending tone.

My tone wasn’t condescending. Do you also want to ban the Fritz-X? Also not condescending.

Although it is not a fundamental solution, I think the situation would be somewhat improved if the bomber spawn position was on the airfield or a lower altitude of about 100 meters. Large bombers are a pain to climb, so many will charge into enemy ships without climbing.

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The reason why level bombers need airspawns is becaus games don’t have the time or space for them to reach altitude. It takes the B-17s around 40 minutes or so to reach the 15k feet spawn they should get. Spawning them at the airfield would prevent all usefulness, because they wouldn’t be able to climb past 2500 feet before making it to the battle space.

Right, that’s only reserved for the German Ho 229 and the Kugelblitz.

Why do you not assume a detour climb? In the case of AB, B-17 can reach 4000m (the safe altitude of AA by naval AI operations) in 6-7 minutes even with airfield start. Isn’t this enough of a penalty for using a large bomber?
Changing the spawn location to airfield or low altitude (100m) will reduce the frequency of infinite bombing in Naval AB and relatively improve the position of carrier based bombers that match naval battles such as B7A2 and SB2C.

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A fully laiden B-17 can climb to 13000 ft in 6 minutes? I understand thay the arcade physics are less realistic than RB, but I doubt it can climb like that.

Also, the problem of infinite bombing isn’t that the planes are out of reach, it is that they reload bombs mid air. No change other than that will prevent it.

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Try it out on a test flight. The bombs can be refilled, so climb while discarding them. I just tried it with a Japanese B-17E.

Since Gaijin tends not to make changes to common specifications, we think it is difficult to disable bomb reloading for ABs. If it is the spawn position, it can be adjusted on a map-by-map basis.

Reloading mid air is one of the features that defines Arcade. If you don’t want to deal with air reloads, play Naval RB.

That is why the bomber spawn position should be adjusted as low as possible. Players tend to avoid hassle, so simply increasing the threshold to reach a safe altitude will definitely reduce the frequency.

Primary reason why people do this is because it’s a skill issue. The bomb does not have to hit you directly.

The best way for guys to fix this issue.
Is allow them to carry the 4K bomb.
But charge them out the wazoo for every bomb they drop.
Second cut points in half .

Give them the kill etc but once they realize that every time they’re dropping that bomb it’s costing them 5,000 silver lions 10,000 they’ll think twice before using it.

Or limit the amount of times the bomb can be used in a match.

In all reality that was a specialty bomb anyway used for special things it wasn’t like they made thousands of them why do you think the United States uses the 500 lb 750 lb or 1,000 lb general purpose bombs those are the three primary sizes they use.

The Russians are the same way

Yea, great idea. Penalize players for using a vehicle and weapon they earned in a mode that isn’t very popular anyway. Cut rewards and make costs rediculous because people get killed by planes. The fact that you’re saying these things is even worse because you can’t even control what plane you get, so you get screwed randomly by the game. Limiting the bombs you can use also defeats the purpose of Arcade and in air reloading.

It doesn’t matter if it was a speciality bomb or not. This game isn’t that in depth, otherwise there would be 100s if not 1000s of weird restrictions placed on vehicles.

This whole complaint of “infinite bombs” is easily solved. Play Naval RB, it is more “realistic” and bombers can’t crash climb or drop 10 5k bombs without landing. Maybe you guys could just use your AA/secondary batteries to kill planes. There are plenty of ships that have radars and HE-VT or HE-PF that can reach bombers at those altitudes.

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I want to thank you for considering my demand about your tone :)
Considering the Fritz-X, I have nothing to complain about it. The bomber has to be focused on the aiming of the Fritz-X, making it an easy target for AAA guns and enemy fighters. In fact I even think that the Fritz-X bring interesting mechanics.
And to my opinion, banning something from the game is something to avoid. Maybe I didn’t explained enough my thoughts. So It would be unfortunate to ban the FAB 5000. I just want to discuss about an abusive situation and how to fix it.