Paveway bug or intended?

So are Paveways supposed to be able to be dropped at any point even if CCRP is activated and pointed behind you? Or any where? Is this intended? Don’t they “need permission” to be dropped?

Because with every other bomb, you have to be lined up and holding the “Fire” button.
I should probably mention I was flying the A6E Intruder.

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The CCRP display for guided bombs is just there to show when it’s good to drop those weapons, and not a CCRP per se which also releases the bombs automatically.

They just used the same display mechanic as for CCRP, I guess as a workaround.

What Schindibee said, though it doesnt really work very well. My experience with Paveways is in the Gr7 and even the “Manual CCRP” we have doesnt really work. You get a vague indication of when to release, but isnt very accurate (unless its been fixed since the last time I tried) Your best bet is to still somewhat dive bomb with them so you know they are going in roughly the right direction. But yeah, I really want true CCRP with paveways as well. Being able to drop from a safe height and hit an AA site with a paveway would be great.

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So Holding the button down drops all of them. Thats normal?

GBUs, no, should release one the moment you press the secondary fire key or your bomb drop key

Well, at least in test flight. If you hold the button down they “S Ripple” drop in the A6E Intruder. Dunno if it was patched sense the 21st of July update.

Paveways? Yeah that sounds like a bug to me.