Pausing of repairs incase vehicle catches on fire

When your almost done with your repair, or got around under 5 seconds, its annoying af to realize that ur repair progress is lost due to your vehicle catching on fire, when a vehicle is repairing, and if it catches on fire, the repairs should be paused immediately instead of resetting it


It a fire is started during the repair process that would usually mean more damage has been done so it reatarts the timer.

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Repairs should have been percentage based 10 year ago… if you repair 10 seconds out of a 20 seconds total and cancel, you should have repaired 50% and not 0%.

Nope, lets take the leopard 2 for an example, the engine had gotten damaged, and your 90% done with the repair, but ofc, the enemy shoots at your external fuel tanks placed in the FRONT of the tank, which resets your ENTIRE repair on the BACK of the tank, sounds realstic?

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No repairs being done in this game are realistic because you would not fix anything that can be damaged in the field, so lets get past that.

Depending on how the round passed through the tank, it could very well do more damage to the engine if it was a shot from the front. If you are talking about a side shot on fuel tanks nowhere near the engine bay, that could be grounds for a repair not resetting due to fire. It would have to be a case by case basis for each vehicle and each hit, which doesn’t seem like it NEEDS to be addressed. It would be a nice change, and making a suggestion post would be your best bet to have a chance at getting it implemented.