If I have 20 regular viewers on twitch but nowhere near 500 followers do I still qualify for partnership program?

Also does partnership vehicles and stuff work on console

Apply here

I am fairly sure you need to meet both requirements (at least from how I understand it).


Thanks, sorry, it’s really hard for me to get followers, not views

Same - and I have the funniest “BRB” screen on the platform.

It would probably help if I were charismatic or even spoke/interacted with viewers when I get them (I’m fairly sure 90% of my viewers are bots).


Link to your twitch account?

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Can I get the link to yours?


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There needs to be a real change to things because it’s hard for anyone new to start out… The requirements for a lot of this sort of thing are unobtainable by many.

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How long to response?

Also is it random the vehicles that r given

I asked for the partnership when I was under the min, now I’m above, should I give it a few weeks?