Panzerhaubitze 2000

ja… sadly

my suggestion is the MELLS Wiesel^^

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Oh nice… now do a 30mm Wiesel too pls :D

that one is part of the already approved wiesel carrier suggestion, reasons my wish to add it to suggested vehicles not yet implemented was rejected

Yep thats why we have to make a new Suggestion. Sucks but oh well…

Recent addition of the Vidar makes me want the Pzh2000 even more. More firepower and armor for less HP/T ratio, sounds like great fun.

Does this vehicle get thermals and laser rangefinder?

The commander has a Leica PERI-RTNL 80 panoramic periscope, which is used in under-armour operations and for target designation in direct laying engagements. PERI-RTNL 80 has day and night vision channels and a laser rangefinder. The gunner is equipped with a Leica PzF TN 80 day and night direct fire sight for direct laying of the gun.

Well, new update is called “kings of battle” and we know theres atleast 2 new SPG’s coming. Really hoping the Pzh2000 is being added, as itd make sense this update, but im guessing this is gonna be another “spit in german mains faces” update…

my guess? not this update. next one with rank 8 tanks

honestly, id be surprised to see it next update as well. They seem to be dragging their feet with anything german, as usual

How I wish confused emojis were still a thing

next thing gonna be the promised Leopard 2 upgrade, so no chance we get anything else special

i dont think they ever promised a new leopard 2 actually, pretty sure they promised “new leopards” which could be anything. Theyre just as likely, if not more likely to flood us with a hoard of dumbass 9.0 leo 1 variants that are borderline copy pastes

they did, it was smin precisely answering to the PSO debate about the lack of the possible add on beak armor and placers wishes for a better armored Leopard variant, sadly i wont be able to send u the specfic quote anymore since it was part of the Dev server forum and that one got purged with the newest update, which realy is a problem as well that those forums get purged

And they should make the loader on the ace crew have long hair as a reference to this dude loading 20 rounds in 1min and 47sec.

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i might be wrong there, but that doesnt look like a panzerhaubitze 2000 to me

it’s really low-res, but I believe it’s a PzH 2000 with the improved autoloader.
I found this article referencing that exact same firerate of 20 rounds in 1min and 47sec.
Land 17 Candidate systems - Australian Defence Magazine.

The thread got deleted, and it’s even gone from my profile (since I was the one who made it)

Luckily I took a screenshot of Smin’s post for future reference


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