Panzerhaubitze 2000

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The PzH 2000 is a highly mobile and flexible weapon system which is deployed in both conventional missions as well as in asymmetric mission scenarios as indirect fire support. The fully automatic handling of the 60 round on-board ammunition reserve and a modern and precise 155 mm/ L52 ordnance enable the engaging of targets at a high rate of fire – within the shortest amount of time. These characteristics make the PzH 2000 to the most effective artillery system in the world – and to an absolute standard for modern artillery. The tube is an internally chrome-plated and laser-hardened 155 mm L/52 (60-rifles, right-hand spiral) 52-caliber long-stroke tube. Manufactured under the Joint Ballistics Memorandum of Understanding (Ballistics Agreement), all types of 155mm NATO ammunition can be fired.


Designed for joint operations, the full autonomy of the complete system in terms of handling, navigation, fire control as well as its system-based stability enable completely new tactical mission possibilities. The PzH 2000 satisfies all international requirements for a modern tube artillery system and is currently in use with four NATO member countries. More than 330 systems have been produced and supplied to date. Since September 2006 the PzH 2000 has successfully been deployed in Afghanistan. Together with the Canadian Forces the PzH 2000 of the Royal Netherlands Army could prove its international leading position, amongst others, during the Operation MEDUSA by reliably supporting the ISAF troops in Afghanistan.

Main characteristics of the PzH 2000:

  • Long range with a 155 mm/ L52 ordnance
  • High mobility
  • Turret and hull made from armored steel
  • Automatic aiming and round loading
  • Autonomy through a navigation system and fire control computer with ballistic functions
  • Superior range and area coverage
  • Capable of Multiple Rounds Simoultaneous Impact (MRSI)

The vehicle’s tower and tub are made of welded steel armor. This protects both the crew and stored in the tub ammunition. The inside of the vehicle was lined with a so-called Spall Liner to catch splinters of armor that peel off when fired inside the vehicle. The armor itself protects against shelling from weapons up to caliber 14.5 mm and splinters of 152 mm artillery shells. The top of the tub and the tower can be equipped with additional protection against bomblets, which is called ‘Hedgehog Armor’. The Bombletschutz consists of a rubber material and is walkable. The bluff bodies have a length of 60 mm and are intended to protect against shaped charges. The term ‘hedgehog armor’ results from the spiked form of the bluff body. The 48 shafts of the propellant charge magazine are separated from the combat area by three sliding doors, so as not to endanger the crew in the event of an explosion of the cargo. In addition, there are two outlet openings in the tower roof, which are intended to divert the pressure generated during an explosion to the outside. An ABC protection system in the right rear part of the vehicle pan complements the protective equipment.

The ‘Hedgehog Armor’ in detail

Manufactured under the Joint Ballistics Memorandum of Understanding (Ballistics Agreement), all types of 155mm NATO ammunition can be fired. The combat load of the PzH 2000 comprises 60 artillery rounds in caliber 155 mm in different, on order varying sorting. Explosive, Frag, Multispectral Smoke, Illumination, Bomblet, and SMArt projectiles are available. All types of ammunition are also available as base-bleed projectiles.

Direct Fire:


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Panzerhaubitze 2000, Tankograd 5025 Taschenbuch, ASIN: B0030HTZGU


Finally SOME suggestion for this got accepted.
I’ve been trying for so long.
+1 from me


Do you know the gun depression and elevation?

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Operational arc
Azimuth: n x 360°
Elevation: from -2.5° to +65° (-45 mil to +1,150 mil)


Quick reminder that the Pzh2000 was passed for consideration almost 3 years ago now…


I checked up the hedgehog armor (video) and how it works which is pretty cool, but it only seems to work against small cluster HEAT munitions and not against anything we currently have in the game.
Times may change though, and I still want it.

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Thank you!

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Its ingame on thr puma already btw

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I checked it out and you were right!
And it really does seem like it works against HEAT in the game, although they seem to have borked it up on a few spots where it doesn’t work at all. Otherwise, it has somewhere between x0.5 - x0.3 multiplier against HEAT (protection analysis is quite fickle to test it), which is really nice against CAS with rockets.

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note that the suggestion was also made by me.
i asked a Suggestion Mod.
they told me to port over my old suggestions from the old forums to the new ones. no matter the past to dev status…

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M8, this might be news to you (and im not saying this to be rude) but the Puma is the most borked vehicle in the entire game…

Gaijin has like 15 major bug reports about literally EVERYTHING about the puma except its mobility, they have so many bug reports the 15 they currently have have other reports pulled into them. The vehicle basicly needs a complete rework

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Thats kinda weird seeing as the VIDAR from the old forums made it into the game, and it was their job to port over the passed for consideration ones…

It sounds like they havent even bothered starting to work on the panzerhaubitze if they told you to remake the suggestion, so I guess we wont see it for another 4+ years at least

Bad news but it sounds like they pulled one of these:


check your dm


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todays a military display at my place, wanted to share this beauty


We are not porting over the passed for consideration as sated in the Clean Slate section on this post.

If you have anymore questions about that, feel free to DM me as I would like to keep the comments on topic about the suggestion.

thats why i remade my old suggetions :D

Ditto, only have 1 but i am proud of my murder wiesel


30mm wiesel? or MELLS?

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Ah, I guess I have to port my suggestion for the S1A1 Denko here again, I suppose.