Panzer II Ausf. J Tigers Cub

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I woule like to suggest the Panzer II Ausf. J, an interesting take on the Pz II Series and “light” tank.
The Pz II Ausf. J is the last model of the Pz II in its classic way and will be a bit hard to ballance, because while it is a “light” tank, its armor and firepower are on the opposid sides of the spectrum, but more on that later below.

1942 with 22 Build.
While looking like the famous Ausf. L, the J is a bit different but also still in the (Heavy) Reconnaissance Role. (Tho it wasnt the best at it). Together with the Pz I Ausf. F the Pz II Ausf. J were designed for close Infantry support and heavy Reconnaissance around 1942, with small size beeing exploited by heavy armor of 80mm Front and 50mm Sides and back, while armed with a Mg 34 and 2 cm KwK 38 L/55 to fight against infantry, light reinforced strucktures and light tanks and armored cars, but also as reconnaissance when needed.

It began its live in 1939 November 15th as the VK 16.01 (VollKette 16 (ton) 01 (First Vehicle of the series)). The first prototype were approved in 1940 and a contract given to MAN. However because of delays (and the War taking its own toll) production didnt start until 1943. And just in a small run of 22 Vehicles. Crewed by 3 Persons, 2 in the Hull (behind the Fahrersehklappe 80 as seen on the Tiger I) and 1 in the Turret which both hull and turret beeing protected by 80mm Frontally and 50mm sides and back
(so survivability will be quite high, especially when angling) The general look and similarity to the Tiger I, just smaller earned it the name Tiger Cub by the russians. Powered by the 150 Ps HL 45 engine, the tank could drive along at a steady 31 Kmh with 18 ton weight.

Its service wasnt plated with gold, of the ordered 100 only 22 were build when the order was cancelled in july 1942 with effort shifting to newer tank models. And all were send along the Pz I Ausf. F to the eastern front to Kurst in the 12th Panzer Regiment. While pretty much immune against counter reconnaissance (such as enemy Scout cars and even the ZiS-2 AT gun) it wasnt really good in either roll as it was too slow to be good at reconnaissance and to weakly armed to be a really good vehicle to attack reinforced positions. In 1944 a damaged one was converted to Bergepanzer II Ausf. J and the rest were destroyed, with today no surviving examples.

Pictures: (Click to show)




The Gun:
2 cm KwK 38 L/55
180 Rounds, 480 Rpm, 10 round mags.
-10° to +20° 360° travers 14°/sec.
Pzgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (ApI-T) 0,148kg 830m/s 0g 40mm/10m

Pzgr. L’Spur zerl. (Aphe-T Sd) 0,148 kg 830m/s 2,4g Pent 37mm/10m
NOTE: It does NOT have a fuze, the filler is for self destruction, in game it would also explode upon impact when shattering, like the japanese 30mm Aphe.

Pzgr. 40 L`Spur. o.Zerl. (HVAP-T) 0,100kg 1050m/s 62g core 12mm 50mm/10m

Pzsprgr. L’Spur m.Zerl. (Aphe-T Sd) 0,121 kg 900m/s 3,6g Pent 33mm/10m

Sprgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (Hefi-T) 0,120kg 900m/s 6,2g Pent (10,54g) 5mm/10m

The Vehicle:

Armour Front Sides Rear Roof
Hull 80 mm (11°) Front plate
60 mm (73°) Front glacis
80 mm (36°) Bottom glacis 50 mm 50 mm 25 mm
Turret 80 mm(rounded mantlet) 50 mm 50 mm 25 mm

Engine: Maybach HL 45 P 150 PS
Speed: 31 km/h
Crew: 3 → Gunner in turret, Driver and radio operator
Suspention: Interleafed roadwheels by Kniepkamp

Panzer Tracts No. 2-2 Pz II Ausf. G, H, J, L and M
Munition der 2 cm KwK
Panzerkampfwagen I & II Tanks & Armour


this would be absolute hell to balance, +1 still


A heavy light tank, interesting. +1

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