Panzer 87-140 WE: The Alpine Hammer

Not sure if the two programs are related. I think the Rheinmetall one was quite a bit earlier.


same breach, different leo and different modifications. Also a lot less is known about the german 140.


One idea, same resources, but different projects

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The Swiss ammunition is thicker, so they are not the same project.

The test vehicle carrying the RH-140 had a simulated automatic loader with a counterweight block at the rear of the turret.

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The Swiss also did not complete the autoloader, they only tested the 140mm gun and the accompanying ammunition

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The weight of the APFSDS used in this 140mm gun could reach 10.24 kg if made of tungsten and 10.1 kg if made of depleted uranium, considering its length of 1000 mm and diameter of 26 mm.
Assuming 10kg, the in-game penetration will be over 850mm, exceeding Object 292 (695mm penetration) and LOSAT (775mm penetration/1000m).


Swiss testing also showed the 140mm only took slightly longer to manually load than the 120mm.

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I don’t believe its know what the density of the rod is. I’d say its most likely 18.5 g/cm^3, the same as DM53 as the project is around the timeframe Switzerland started producing Pfeil Pat 98 Lsp, though I am not sure if first iteration DM53 had 18.5 g/cm^3 or 17.5 g/cm^3.

Regardless of density it would still hit like a truck, and if the 1,800 m/s is impact velocity it might be able to pen 1000 mm mark at 10m. Which would be VERY funny, would be the 292 of 11.7 xD

also thanks for the additional info on the rod, I’ve added it to the sources :))))

really? It’s a huge shell, about 50kg.

It’s two-piece

so needs loaded twice. 120mm shell is about 20kg. so, you need to load 2 pieces of it, and averagely 25kg, even heavier than 2 120mm shells.