Panzer 87-140 WE: The Alpine Hammer

i showed you that argentine is a german sub tree so to say

+1 for independent Swiss tree.


+1 For a Swiss Sub Tree.

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+1 Swiss subtree in the German TT, Soon™


Wow of course! With the object 292 prototype already in game this would be very nice to see!


+1 for germany

Wasn’t the WE only the L/44 Leo 2A4 with extra armor and electronic systems?

Yes, and the WE 140 carried over this armour upgrades. The BR referenced was for the WE 140 being discussed.
I think the standard WE (assuming DM53 or 63, idk what it uses) would also be 11.3 though, as a possible replacement for the 2PL when Poland comes as its own tree.

Ah, I missed the part where the topic was on the WE 140, sorry.

Hell, I wouldn’t mind the base WE as a TT upgrade.

Armour upgrades depend on which WE you are talking about, if its the in service ones i would expect worse armour than the 2PL but better thermals & shell. If you are talking about the prototype then it would be a lot closer to the 2PL in terms of armour with a better shell & thermals.

Visual diffrence between them


In service (lacks the extra armour on the turret)

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Pz 87 WE uses Pfeil Pat 98(DM53)

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