Pantsir should disappear and SPAA should be reworked

Why have SPAA if no aircraft?

Terrible solution, try again.

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We now fall into the category of having Ground seperated from Combined
That being said, a lot of SPAAs are good for destroying tanks

Pantsir make my jets totally useless in Air RB. I hadn’t a single ground kill with my Tornado for weeks now. You have no chance to bring your GBU into target when there’s a Pantsir around (there is always one around…).

You have to change your tactics against Pantsir in Tornado, you cant just simply climb at high alt and drop some bombs on them.

Yeah the tactic is to not use this anymore. Just the UHT Tiger or F-4F with Mavericks work. Any GBU platform is lol.

Poor Tornado. Why is it ingame?

Actually you have to use Tornado how they use in real life, just identify Pantsir get on low alt and do high speed bomb run on him, usually works for me.

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Have you tried not flying at sea level, the pantsir like all SACLOS SPAA is nearly useless beyond 9km all it takes is maneuvering slightly to throw off their missile ever since the SACLOS changes that nerfed SPAA massively CAS has been running rampant wiping teams at top tier

Simply untrue.

Pantsir is the only Sam system that can effectively engage with enemy planes up to 15-16km’s while other ones struggles from 9-10km’s.

Nothing can come close to Pantsir when it comes to dealing with Air units.

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This is untrue the SACLOS nerf means unless you’re shooting at an idiot flying in a straight line the range at which you can actually shoot someone down in the pantsir is heavily reduced ive tested it in customs with my gripen its pathetically easy to outrange and bomb pantsirs when all it takes is pulling one hard turn and watching the missile even in Lead mode miss completely

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Simply skill issue, SACLOS changes effected every missile carrier in this game yet Pantsir is the only one who can effectively engage with enemy planes from long distances and if you expected any sam platform to be point and click adventure then its your problem.

İf you cant guide those missiles then its on you.

And it not even warns in RWR when it launches missile at you due to the magic brand K of radar (that no one know they even had it on pantsir) hah not many have that luxury.

Yup, if you didnt see the launch then you’re probably gonna die, only way to engage with Pantsir is to use Mavericks from very long distance but even then Pantsir can easily destroy those Agm’s.

Any plane that is gonna engage with Pantsir will have very small window gap to do it otherwise you can say bye bye to your plane.

I never said the issue was just with the pantsir the SACLOS nerf ruined every SPAA just saying skill issue is a sign you dont want to engage

And? You can still engage with those planes if they sit in your effective range, Flarakrad,Adats or İTO90M has no problems of killing enemy planes or helicopters in 10km’s mostly.

Your problem is you cant just lock on to target and simply delete them anymore, it requires more skill to do so.

Psntsir can’t disappear it is very real snd not going anywhere anytime soon in our reality

I don’t think the issue people are having is that it’s real…

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More like absolutely everyone knew:

Small website taking information from open sources. 2008. The pantsir already has a mm radar. And there’s plenty of that kind of stuff lying around in the public domain.

Yet somehow doesnt give any launch warning despite Top tier planes should be able to detect it.

They shoulnd’t. Current top tier planes in game have old RWR that can’t see that. Only some helicopters that have more advanced and modern RWR can see pantsir launch.

Mirage2000-5F and F-16C should be able to see it especially 5F considering it has MAW system in real life.

Dont confuse Russian junks that has RWR that cant identify targets with Nato planes.