Pantsir should disappear and SPAA should be reworked

Pantsir is worst additon to the game and is more hated than drones. It has best missile in the game, best radar in the game, one of best optics in the game. It clearly outclasses any SPAA available in the game. One pantsir can basically close of airspace for enemy and be practically impossible to destroy via TV ordnance when placed in hands of competent player. With addition to fact that most top tier helicopters use hellfire missiles which are total garbage resulting in the situation where only helicopters which can be treat for pantsir are russian made helicopters and tiger UHT and only if pantsir player wont use smoke or intercept Pars LR missiles. That mades fighting against top tier Russia frustrating and resulting in one sided beating Because every other SPAA aside of TOR is now nerfed to point being useless. ADATS has now very unstable and slow turning on the distance missile, VT1 is un suable because it cannot track planes in close range and on longer distance it cant keep up to fast moving plane stingers are still useless against planes and wont lock any heli until it is basicaly over ground battle map. Starstreak is basically joke because without its reali live automatic guidance it is useless against planes . Pantsir should be removed completly from the game. Every player who has it researched should get their pantsir exchanged for TOR. The every SPAA shold get reworked radar mechanics, SPAA should get not only direction and distance shown on search radar but also should get altiude and speed along with its vector. The guindance should also be reworked because most of spaa have guidance assist guiding missile for optimal interception trajectory similary like it is working for TOR and Pantsir righ now in the game. Missiles should get their nerf reversed and nations like Japan and italy should get their own compenten SPAA.


Pantsir is the easiest SPAA to dodge in the game. Its range means nothing when the missiles can’t hit you.
Not only that, but if you’re an F-16, then you’re immune from Pantsir hits regardless of what non-direct approach you do.




Explain. Is it profile shape?

I said “slow turning at distance” which mean it can’t change its flying direction not its linear speed. And what “flying a simple square” even mean? i know that my english is bad but yours is simply worse.


I think VT1 stole stinger’s throne after nerf because u don’t even need to make a dodge

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My English is fine. You are just the average nato player. If you fly in a square around the map. The Pantsir literally can’t hurt you. Occasionally poke in to drop bombs or shoot missiles and just always fly a square around the map. You will hear the missiles fly by but they will never hit you.

Flying perpendicular is the most fun I have ever had trolling the Pantsir.


Thats works only on players who are not paying attention or dont know what are they doing. Often players who can actually play SPAAs are not even bothered by that players. Only SPAA that is unable to react for players flying around map low and poke is ItO 90M because it has only VT1(FlaRakRad fortunately has Roland 3). Most of SPAA players who is capable of thinking is often outside of spawn if and sits in the map somewhere in the map corner or good SPAA spots. On Few maps pantsir can camp even airfields. Pantsir made Ground Sim impossible for heli and planes to play.

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You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. I literally fly perpendicular to the AA every game and they cannot hurt me. You have an RWR try using it and putting the signal at your left or right when flying.

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To note, best pantsir player is far bellow any average player when it comes to skill level


Pantsir as ordnance interception is actually a solid idea.
Likely far better than trying to kill the aircraft.

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The thing is, right, you’re supposed to be much-much-much more skilled than pantsir player in order to not be killed by him (good thing that it’s not that hard to do because, well, soviet players). The problematic things about the pantsir actually are: 1)Missile range (must be cut to vt-1 lvl at least) 2)No warnings from it’s radar 4)Best radar in the game, you’re basically not able to hide from it in the air, only flying slightly above the trees can save you 3)It’s guns
Pantsir is a jack of all trades, and soviet tree doesn’t deserve such a vehicle (for now) they actually added r73 equivalent for the ground and just said “cope” which is hilarious when you consider that there’s no “russian bias”


1- Then that would make the Pantsir 11.3 or 11.0, as the missiles are just bad. They can’t hit aircraft even if they wanted to.
2- Not possible, it uses a different band than RWRs can pick up currently.
3- Which are only usable around 2.5km, which you should never be at.
4- Which is fine, you just fly as if a Pantsir is always spawned, and you never die cause it’s impossible for them to hit you.

The TOR-M1 is the only SPAA in War Thunder with a missile anywhere close to R-73 performance.

Pantsir’s is closer to Aim-9J.

Pantsir has as only SPAA TWS radar mode, which makes it ez to spot incoming ordnance. You see the green brackets on screen of every radar contact, along with movement vector and angled speed. Which looks like this. It also has very high detection arcs so that you even spot things which come straight from above. Sadly no high alt sneaking for jets cause of this mechanic, these green lolZor brackets reveal just everything. Its the definition of easymode.

Other SPAAs have nothing like this. They only have this radar screen which makes it hard to keep awareness whats around you and what moves in towards your own position.
The only lockbox most other SPAAs see is the very one target you might lock and thats it. You also have no infos about the incoming height and angle, you only see the direction of the contact. Others lack the high detection arcs either, so you never see incoming ordnance from high above. Usually lack guns as well… and we don’t even talk about the op missiles.

You say its a good player. I say its just a op toy which has so much more useful features than all other SPAAs. You don’t need to be super smart to spot Ze bracket and to click it away with your guns or missiles.


If FlaRakRad went to 11.7 after VT-1s capability to deal with CAS was practically obliterated, Pantsir can stay there too if it was nerfed like that. Unless you’re advocating for the RakRad to go to 10.7, because quite frankly, it’s significantly inferior to the Pantsir and I’ve no idea why they sit at the same BR.


Pantsir was the first ever SPAA to have those missile physics, alongside VT-1.

I haven’t told it’s a good player man. Not even once. I said quite the opposite if you read it once again. That’s just the vid with the title.

You’ve gotta be trolling, right? SACLOS changes were implemented with the Pantsir, in the very same patch VT-1s were stripped of what made them great (Sky Guardians update).

Nothing but fake news from you honestly, always claiming things that have never happened. Frankly speaking, you don’t even the Pantsir, so what am I surprised about? You don’t have the FlaRakRad or any 11.0+ SPAA for that fact so your comparisons would be empty handed and pointless (claiming Pantsir is the “easiest” SPAA to avoid lmao… those takes man).



Fair enough, I misremembered something. Edited the post with the correction.
Stop with the hostility tho. Unless you’re a Soviet main, I ain’t your enemy.
No one claimed things that didn’t happen.
And yeah, I don’t have Pantsir cause it’s worse than a Mig-29.
I don’t have ANY SPAA, cause they’re all worse than bringing a fighter except the TOR-M1.
And knowing if something is dodgeable means going against it, not using it.
And I’ve gone against Pantsirs dozens of times now, with no deaths outside my initial custom battle testing to determine where the death cone is with Pantsir.