Pantsir should disappear and SPAA should be reworked

Same as all other SPAA in the game, except maybe FlaRakRad.

Also they don’t see you until you spawn, not before. And even then… turn.

I mean sometime even know but being Tornado make it turn very hard it does not respond to control whatsoever F-14B on the other hand are more respond to control make it easier to use I think tornado could use some little agility buff

Your aircraft physically spawns in before you can take control of it. It doesn’t show up the moment you control it. It’s there for about 2 seconds before you can even do anything

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Because they can. Only in cryer’s world a Pantsir can’t hit anything.


The VT-1 only achieves said Gs for a very short period at a certain range. Before and after that its capabilites drop massively - for other aspects, it does not follow the mouse, its flight trajectory is locked for the first 1.5 - 2 seconds (meaning it travels 2km’s before you can adjust it), its rocket motor burns out before it actually reaches the distance where it can develop its manouverability to the maximum, meaning it flies on a sustainer that is much weaker, therefore if you attempt to use said G pull, you’re out of energy with it.

Maybe get any VT-1 carrier first (be it ITO or FlaRakRad) before trying to make unfounded claims? Because so far nothing you said relates to actual ingame experience of dozens of people who use them.


But with the “realistic missile’s” Pretty much all missile’s are close to useless against fast maneuvering targets
Doesn’t really matter if it’s
adats Bolide vt1 or pantsir
They no longer can nuke everything out of the sky like they used to (the time adats and Tunguska were added)
And on top of that the cas Planes fire much more powerful stuff now

Also Radar nerfs
At that time stuff like the Gepard really was Point and click

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I’m searching for the others, but for the 9M331 (TOR-M1) missile g tables for the autopilot line of sight mode are:

2s: 8g
3.5s: 15g
5s: 35g
14s: 35g
17s: 43g
19s: 33g
22s: 33g


That explains why dodging them is extremely difficult.

what a joke.

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Thats literally just how top tier russia works. They have a skill floor that is 6 feet underground

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Why my RWR don’t detected pansir? But the others nations AA i can see rwr warning.

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Cause Pantsir does uses advanced K band radar which current jets cannot detect the lock coming from Pantsir.

Only top tier helicopters Rwr can detect Pantsir radar lock and missile launch.

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“rUsSiA sUffErS! cAs tOo oP”

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Or you can do easymode with the Flarakrad. Turn your radar mode to IRST, you folks do know some SPAAs have that option, right?

Have you tried using the IRST on the roland system at all bruh?

  1. The IRST is inconsistent
  2. IRST cannot lock past 10km
  3. Flares can defeat IRST
  4. Trees do defeat IRST
  5. You cannot use auto lock in TPP with IRST
  6. IRST does not track as well as radar lock

Issue here is that the flarakrad had an internal computer that used to manage the missile itself.
The optical guidance was a secondary mode. Why dont we have that?

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Yes, in my own experience i preferred it over alerting everyone i locked that a roland 3 was soon incoming but it was also before the saclos nerf when SAMs was nigh impossible to avoid most of the time, haven’t used the flarakpz or flarakrad much if any after it

and yeah it would be neat mechanic but how would gaijin implement that?

yeah but now, youd be lucky if the aircraft dosent see the roland 3 missile. even with only IRST.
the smoke trail is so visible its stupid.

i dont think it would be too different from how the Tor-M1 functions. albeit with the missile characteristics being different entirely

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I was thinking of getting the American Roland but Roland missiles are terrible low range 7km and low speed less than 600 metes per second

I do have the adats which is amazing

The rolands feel like 1s 20g 2s 10g 3s 5g and 4s onwards 3g

I have better solution, how about we remove CAS from GRB and leave it as GROUND RB then the whole problem of who has better or working SPAA would be solved.