Pantsir should disappear and SPAA should be reworked


Fair enough, I misremembered something. Edited the post with the correction.
Stop with the hostility tho. Unless you’re a Soviet main, I ain’t your enemy.
No one claimed things that didn’t happen.
And yeah, I don’t have Pantsir cause it’s worse than a Mig-29.
I don’t have ANY SPAA, cause they’re all worse than bringing a fighter except the TOR-M1.
And knowing if something is dodgeable means going against it, not using it.
And I’ve gone against Pantsirs dozens of times now, with no deaths outside my initial custom battle testing to determine where the death cone is with Pantsir.

People that think Pantsir is OP should face me.
I’ll use an F-16 with bombs since I don’t have Mavs unlocked. ;)

Why the TOR M1 tho?

Except the VT-1 is still better as it can still kill you even if you fly perpendicular to it. The Pantsir literally can’t hurt you.

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Can u leave this tread. Like i said in my previous post (which was taken down by moderator probably because u flaged it since i said truth) U dont have knowledge and skill to know what are talking about. U dont even play CAS. In Every match u spawned as plane it was A2A load out only and you are flying outside range of any SPAA while pointlessly shooting BVR missiles. And every game when u spawned i pantsir u just died doing nothing at the begin of match. Your stats are telling every thing. So leave and stop trolling.

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Tor is second best SPAA in the game right now

Of course it’s a guy who doesn’t have VT-1s says that.

Move on.

I had to revert to roland 3 in my flarakrad, VT-1 are only semi good to kill helis. VT-1 are unusable RN. I wonder at which moment that missile can go 50G?

According to datamines, g tables for VT-1 are:

1s: 10.5g
3s: 20g
5s: 50g
9s: 25g
11.5s: 18g
20s: 12g

Amazing how you have to not play the flak bus to know how the missile is against your jet.

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You should, because the VT-1 is bad as hell. Significantly worse than 95y6 on the Pantsir in all aspects (I’d love to see you prove that it hit things that fly perpendicular to it… I’ll wait for you to show me multiple instances of it).

Can we get those table’s for the other missiles?

wtf i didnt know it had TWS

Hey look at all these posts and haven’t you realized why Pantsir exists and it’s so OP and Gaijin is unwilling to nerf it?

People’s that defend the pantsir must be on something Very bad
They have one of if not the best anti air missile in the game
Twelve Ready to fire missile’s (most other have 8 the flarakrad has 2)

And should all that fail there is Always the 2x2a38s
Best aa guns in the game
Only the Bofors and the otomatic are better

But I don’t think adding the pantsir was a bad thing it just shouldn’t dictate the br of the other aa Vehicles if this one is clearly better
Flarakrad and pantsir it’s not even a competition
The flarakrad as a Tiny window were it’s better long and Short range the pantsir wins every time

And gaijin really needs to introduce multi module sams
Iris t Patriot iron dome and it’s cold war equivalents if they exist


It really isn’t you just won’t adapt to needing skill. This missile has 52gs on hand.

No, TOR-M1 is THE best SPAA.

If Pantsir is so OP why can’t they hit a fast moving target 13km away?

Patriot’s not needed, and would be genuinely OP.
I though Pantsir would be OP but then it turned out to never hit targets.

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Maybe not really needed Right now but warthunder air is advancing fast

Haven’t played the torm1 but I doubt it’s performance against fast low altitude target’s

And to the people screaming vt1 50G OMG well that still doesn’t help the fact it pulls 0g close range and if the Missile chart is correct it pulls
20g 3 seconds after launch
At 5 seconds it hits it’s advertised 50g
Only 25g at 9 seconds after launch
Down to just 12 at 20 seconds

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I did testing against an okay TOR-M1 player, and died every time, whereas I dodged every other SPAA in the game.
I can’t figure out how to dodge TOR’s missiles.

Tor missiles are incredibly easy to dodge and this is from some who plays the brick that is the tornado Gr.1 in GRB. pantsir is the only thing that ever shoots me down. Simply because it can see your aircraft before you spawn in and take control of your aircraft. and fire the missile before you’ve even noticed it. Along with the fact you don’t know it’s fired a missile unless your looking through a thermal pod at the battlefield